Thomas Anderson: “Blood Clots” are No Blood Clots! ~ August 19, 2022


Edcitor’s Note: As a hospital Laboratory Director, I urge you to read the following clinical information: Clotted matter will not circulate through the human body. As the circulatory system (blood vessels) in the human body become smaller and smaller, they eventually become capillaries sooo small that only a single blood cell will move through them.

The places in the human body most affected by poor circulation (including clots) are: The lungs, the eyes, and the kidneys. This is because of the high number of capillaries in these organs. Since the COVID vaccines/boosters induce blood clotting through “whatever” means, this means a human cannot survive when excessive clotting occurs. To reduce the threat of clots from various disease states, many are put on “blood thinners”. People do not bleed to death, they clot to death!

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Quantum Joy!


By Thomas Anderson, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 18, 2022

Dear Readers

probably all of you have seen pictures and / or video material about “blood clots” within vaccinated people.

whether in their brain, heart or other organs, you have probably seen ENORMOUS proportions of those “blood clots”.

want to see a video?


there has been a research on this topic, of which I would like to present you the translation here.

[Redirected from  Oliver Janich public].

“These ICP-MS tests were conducted on June 23 of this year. We delayed the release of the results by the public to allow time to share these numbers with colleagues and solicit feedback from others.

ICP-MS analysis results show that these clots are not blood – they are not “blood clots” (…)

How do we know this? Because the elemental ratios and densities are very different. Consider the following comparison table, based on our ICP-MS results (see full results below), and note the stark differences between elemental concentrations in blood and clots between nutritive “marker” elements such as iron and magnesium: (…)

Several electrically conductive elements were higher in the clot

In addition to the nutritive elements shown above, we noted a particular pattern among electrically conductive elements such as sodium (Na), aluminum (Al), and tin (Sn). For the table below, please note that the tin and sodium results are from a separate “semiquant” report, which is less accurate than the “full-quant” analysis used for all other elements shown here. (…)

Since sodium is nearly 50% higher in the clot and tin shows a 588% increase, we can only conclude that the self-assembling clot is indeed “harvesting” or concentrating certain elements from circulating blood as clot assembly occurs. It is worth noting that many of these elements are conductive. Aluminum, for example, is the most common alternative to copper for use in electrical wiring. Sodium is an alkali metal that is highly conductive, and tin is used as the main component in solder alloys used to make or repair circuit boards. (…)

One conclusion is inescapable: the clot almost entirely lacks key marker elements that would be present in human blood (such as iron and potassium), but shows significantly higher concentrations of elements used in electronics and circuitry.

We invite the reader to draw your own conclusion of the explanation behind this and merely note that the patents of Dr. Charles Lieber might be of particular interest.

In particular, this analysis does not answer any question as to whether these clots are “alive” or dead (like hair and nails). My own professional opinion is that these clots are not living structures. They appear to be self-assembling dead biostructures from what we can see so far. But this is only an initial assessment and may change with additional observations or findings. Prions, for example, are self-assembling but also non-living biostructures. They are essentially misfolded proteins that spread throughout the brain (or other regions) and cause morphological changes that destroy both the normal structure and function of neurological cells. Something doesn’t have to be alive to degrade itself. (…)

Share these findings and keep asking questions… more analysis to come (…)”



if those clots are not blood clots but rudimentary electrical devices with (perhaps) yet unknown abilities (or duties)

the question may be asked:

IF we think that somebody has invented the technology to produce such things in human bodies, I assume we can “guess” that it had been tested to ensure, that they get what they want.

If these “devices” are just a strange coincidence, then all universities on this planet should let their medical schools target those “clots” to find out more about their origin, growth and nature.

Electrical dedvice tend to be used in automated processes, remote controlled processes and if we combine 5G with probably complex bio-electrical devices in human bodies…

you might end up reading my postings from last year again…

US Army prepares for Zombies:

NO JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!

“ALEXA” knowing more than general public..?

coming ZOMBI apocalypse…


and I remember well videos I saw of vaccinated people who all other sudden were “frozen” in time, could not move or speak, they were like living statues.

unfortunately I could not find those videos anymore to show you here.

please watch the first video link above in this article.

it shows a “blood clot” within a human brain. HUGE proportions.

If these devices now have more the character of an electronic device = computer (remoted controlled by 5G?)

then the picture of a remoted controlled zombie apocalypse suddenly seems a rather possible scenario than just a crude “conspiracy theory”.

technically thinkable, surely doable with advanced technology and in some sick minds probably planed as their next adventure for this planet.

and if we hear what ALEXA tells us about this scenatio…

well, then I would like to urge you to work on a change of our common timeline together with me and many others.

scenarios like this should stay with mentally sick people and end together with them.

we will be on a different, peacefull and happy timeline by that time.

that’s all for the moment.

I´ll keep you posted.



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