X22 Report — Episode 2853: Green Agenda/Great Reset is Imploding, Declas Brings it all Down ~ August 19, 2022


Ep. 2853a – [WEF]/[CB] Green Agenda/Great Reset Is Imploding, Panic

The [CB]/[WEF] great reset and green new deal is not going as planned. The people see it all as the economy collapses. The people see how those in charge are not actually helping the economy but making it worse. China is now shutting down the factories that make batteries, solar panels, the green new deal is doomed.


Ep. 2853b – Red October, Declas Brings It All Down, There Is No Where To Hide, Showtime

The [DS] reacting out of fear, they stormed Trump’s home to cover their tracks, the cover up always gets you. Now they are scrambling so they will be left with one option, to create chaos when Trump releases the declassified information. The plan has been prepped and warmed. Red October is coming and the red wave is going to hit. Showtime

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