Kat Update: Juan O Savin on NESARA and Ron Giles on Trust the Alliance ~ August 18, 2022


Editor’s Note: Yes, Yes, Yes! I listened to the video of Juan O’ Savin denigrating both the RV and NESARA and immediately knew his words to be a ploy to lead those of wavering faith into their own place…the place of their choosing.

These times require FAITH. Faith does NOT require knowledge, as it IS the inner knowing of the unsubstantiated! Merge your mind with your heart (inner knowing), and then emerge into a glorious state of BEing, which in ALL ways, allows you to BE in…

Quantum Joy!


by Kat, Contributing Writer

Submitted on August 18, 2022

In the past few days I’ve heard from a number of people on anonup who are deeply upset with Juan O Savin.

Let me preface my blog by saying I think Juan O Savin is a spectacular Patriot & speaker. He has taught me more about TRUE American History & Geo-political history, not to mention occult rituals, numerology, Bible stories, Biblical roots, codes & on & on, than any teacher in my so-called Education.

In a video recorded 8-17-22, Matt Merck said, “Behind-the-scenes, Juan does a lot of things for people the public never sees, without expectation of thanks or payback.”

On that same video, Chas Carter verified Matt’s point: “We’ve seen his graciousness first hand, Matt.”

I also had that point made to me by an anonup blogger, Angels Here -Z   @sirhuckleberry, fondly called “Nana” by most on anonup. She had dinner with Juan in Las Vegas last year & they’ve become acquaintances.

Nana told me Juan spent a great deal of time, during dinner, on the phone, helping people. Not famous people, regular people.

Nana & Juan O Savin, 7-13-22

So Juan’s generosity, graciousness & brilliance are not in question.

I haven’t listened to the video people are talking about, but I’ve received a few replies like this:

When I read Margi’s post my first reaction was to laugh.

Juan O Savin is a brilliant TROLLER. He is Naval Intelligence.

In fact, he has urged audiences to pay attention to the McAfee Telegram channel & if EVER there was a trolling site designed to drive the deep state nuts, that would be one.

This Galactic war with the deep state demons for control of Earth is an INTELLIGENCE OPERATION. INFORMATION WARFARE & it’s flip, DISINFORMATION WARFARE.

Find out more

EVERYTHING Juan says, EVERYTHING President Trump says & posts, EVERYTHING anybody says or writes or posts or records, including you & me—EVERYTHING—is sifted through by A.I. & Black Hats. E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G.

QTeam is gaming this out 24/7 on the Quantum.

Both sides are CONSTANTLY trolling the other. C-O-N-S-T-A-N-T-L-Y!!


At this point in the war, we’ve learned to rely on our own Heart & Divine Intuition — no matter WHAT anybody says. ANYBODY.

President Trump speaks in code & on so many levels it makes my head spin. ALL WHITE HATS speak in code. EVERY player in this war speaks in code.

Anons have had to learn how to DE-CODE.

We’ve also had to learn to swat away shills, trolls, bots and DISINFO.

I mean, what is TRUE? What is MOVIE? What is ACTUAL? Who is a White Hat? Black Hat? Man? Woman? Clone? A.I.? CGI? Good guy? Bad guy? Double-triple-quadruple-agent? I couldn’t agree more with Doq’s post:

Some years ago Charlie Ward admitted that sometimes he’s given out DISINFORMATION but he didn’t know it at the time. He later learned he was being used by The White Hat Alliance—to set traps for the other team.

Charlie said he didn’t mind being used by The Alliance if it helps the war effort.

8-17-22 Charlie Ward, Eric Trump, General Flynn

I suggest this is precisely what Juan O Savin is doing by declaring everything we know / intuit / believe to be TRUE—a hoax. DISINFO? TROLLING? Both? Or maybe Juan just can’t stand NESARA.

It is my understanding that just as there were 2 different resets, there were also 2 different NESARAs.

There was the New World Order Reset that would have meant TOTAL bloodline banker financial control & a continuation or even worse enslavement for Humanity, & then the opposite: A Light-Filled White Hat Alliance QFS / GCR / RV that achieves Freedom & Sovereignty for all.

There was a Divinely written NESARA Law but then the deep state hijacked it & gave it their own demon-spin.

Remember — the devil CAN’T CREATE A THING. The devil can only replicate or destroy.

IMO NESARA isn’t a hoax. Look at what it is & realize that it is being implemented as I write this.


-Debts & mortgages are being forgiven

-The FED is gone

-the IRS & income tax are gone

-the U.S. CORPORATION is gone

-A new gold-backed-world-currency is activated right this minute by more than half the planet: Russia, China, India, Saudi Arabia, etc. while bloodline central banks are collapsing.

-Peace on Earth [Even though various Militaries are threatening ‘nuclear war’ we are watching a MOVIE & Peace has already been forged between Nations. We will NOT have a Nuclear War but we may have a “scare event” as Q has posted.]

-Leaks of Tesla Towers, Med Beds, Zero-point gravity, Healing 5G frequencies, Space Travel, Q-Phones, QFS, QVS, Q-Education, Holographic Quantum, etc. These are all part of the 6k patents of Technology that will be released per NESARA / GESARA.

That is ALL in the plan of NESARA / GESARA. Call it what you will.


Regarding there-won’t-be-a-nuclear-war, Q The Storm Rider posted this 8-18-22:

“For know, the deep state keeps trying to create a NUCLEAR false Flag EVENT….


Russia moving fleets North of Norway.

Turkey and Syrian escalation

_Israel Syria intensifies

_TAIWAN is only beginning

_African countries uprising.. coup season

_U.S. MILITARY in over 60 countries on high ALERT.

INTO The Storm”


And on 3-30-22 Q The Storm Rider posted this:

rolled though CHINA connected to RUSSIA, INDIA, SAUDI ARABIA
& dozens of other countries already trading
on the new GOLD  backed/precious Metal SYSTEM in the (Q)FS…

(PUTIN is supporting China’s new financial system & trading in their markets..
as is half of the World .. Over 3 Billion people….)

But behind the dollar is the COIN



If Juan doesn’t want to call it NESARA, OK. Then Trumpsara, Qsara, Juansara or “A Celestial Plan for a beautiful brave New World that works for everybody.”

BTW, Juan O Savin has been explaining for 2-years that we are in The Second Jubilee Year WHERE EVERYTHING IS RESTORED—just sayin.

In the two years that I’ve been transcribing his videos, I’ve come to understand that Juan gives out information in a very measured & *timely* fashion.

Just yesterday Juan called Hillary Clinton a witch — something every Anon has known for years. Even the New York Times wrote HRC was a well-known satanist; but sleepers don’t know it yet.

That is a very specific piece of HRC information Juan O Savin is only now dispensing to the world. Why? Could it have anything to do with preparing the way for the First Arrest? Just thinking out loud.

Charlie Ward recently said, “I love Juan O Savin to death. Once you get past the fact that he is wearing a wig, a mask & a hat…” LOL!!

I recently signed up for Ron Giles’ brilliant training at his Love Won Society.


In a video posted 8-17-22 for his students, Mr. Giles answered a Juan O Savin question & I post some of that reply here. I hope he doesn’t mind because I have the greatest respect for Mr. Giles, but I think his answer will help people:


8-17-22 Ron Giles, THE ALLIANCE PLAN, Part 1

“Juan O Savin is notorious for his MILITARY DECEPTION
denying NESARA & saying the RV/Redemption is a SCAM
is his way of giving us a MILITARY DECEPTION.


because they will not give us a date
when things ARE going to happen
Especially the Alliance giving out redemption appointments.

You’re just going to get notified
& I don’t know HOW that’s going to happen.
I have not been told.
My phones can get tapped.
They’re not going to give me information
 that can be used by other people.

We’re under a different set of rules & regulations,
We have to allow Juan O Savin & truthers to say the things

without destroying him or them.

NESARA & the Quantum Financial System
But don’t plan on this information coming from Truthers ←

The Heavens are really pleased. The Alliance is really excited about this..

IMAGINE if we had the RV a month ago & we missed [arresting] all these [deep state] people?

We’re working with Divine Timing It’ll all just be perfect as it unfolds.

Let’s not get too upset & angry with The Alliance
with the way that they’re doing things
we won’t have to worry about having problems
with our governments trying to take our money
or other individuals finding out who we are.
Those kinds of people will be taken away from us
& not cause us problems.

We’re just doing it THEIR way [The QTeam Alliance White Hat way]
& what a great blessing that is for us

cuz we get to come from our hearts
do our Humanitarian work

& they’re going to provide us with everything we need.”

©2022 Ron Giles, Love Won Society International, all rights reserved


I think that is a brilliant reply. I agree with Mr. Giles 100%.

For the record, ever since Sheldan Nidle introduced me & his audience to NESARA in 2005, my faith in it hasn’t wavered one iota.

When I found Q in 2017, I came to understand that as part of The Plan To Save The World, QTeam are IMPLEMENTING NESARA—or NESARA-like—call it what you will.

With blessings of Peace, Health, Happiness & Abundance unceasing,

This is Kat, over & out,


One thought on “Kat Update: Juan O Savin on NESARA and Ron Giles on Trust the Alliance ~ August 18, 2022

  1. Lambs to the slaughter…..
    The sleepers are gonna be happy once again to see Trump get arrested. The only sleepers left are religious folk who think it’s end times and Jesus is coming to save them or the mentally deranged brainwashed fools who got the tests and jibby jans now lining up for the monkey pox jab and won’t be around much longer.
    Is there a white hat group who are working behind the scenes to save the world? Yes cuz everything has been compartmentalized and so no one sees the big picture. They are not aware the group running the savior program and the ones fighting for power amongst these dragon families.
    I heard Trump claim that many people died from vovid but we know this isn’t true…why does he still go on a narrative of there being an actual virus or some lab leak.? This only tells us that those afraid of a virus need shots or get some HCG or ivermectin but why isn’t he exposing the truth about the vovid scam? He’s not president but they say he’s in charge so why can’t we end this movie yet? He could be exposing it all and we’d all be better off for it
    if they have it all it’s time to expose the truth before more die who are the sleepers and more collateral damage has been done of which we all are experiencing with inflation and homelessness and a repeat of the ridiculous protocols over no science medical tyranny.
    Yes I followed all this for quite a while….it’s been torture and we have Stockholm syndrome as a nation of freedom lovers in the savior program….spending hours listening to the 107 and Charlie and much of it disinfo so if most of the cabal had been rounded up and we are just watching more of the movie “for the sleepers” of course why can’t it be exposed because either way…there’s gonna be panic but I’d rather it be the sleepers finally finding out the truth rather than a civil war and people fighting over food and employing the economy destroying us from within.
    If all these various countries have already signed up for the hold standard then this movie can end and the truth can come out before anymore damage is done and lives are lost. Let’s go thru the white door….we also cannot allow them to get rid of cash…they want a digital currency so they can control us all….more lives can be saved if we end this movie now than if we keep up this charade believing this to be biblical events to wake up a small group of sleepers and listening to disinfo from those acting in their roles for this movie.
    Does it make sense to go thru a near death experience as opposed to exposing the truth and restoring the world while this country has been on life support for a long time.
    The truth is the only way out…….the sleepers are only going to freak out and there will be chaos. I’m already collateral damage here probably much like many who have followed this movie rooting for the good guys.
    There comes a point when the lies and charade only harms. A market crash only serves these goons who will buy up everything for pennies on the dollar. All those riots and fires were actually real estate deals. Getting rid of small businesses and making these corporations richer. Those stimulus checks came out of your tax returns when you filed income tax…they aren’t giving you anything…they only gave you back your own money the gooberment takes and funnels 80 percent to the IMF. Does no one see that a near death experience only harms small businesses and people who have had to borrow money to.keep afloat thru a fake plandemic yet we have Trump and many others still claiming people died from vovid. No…people die from the poisoning of our food air and water….they die from the corrupt medical system that keeps us sick never curing anyone. They die from fake wars and orchestrated events and planned starvation. We can change the script and create an abundant world if we stop waiting for a savior. Stop listening to the disinfo agents wasting our time preparing for a near death experience that is not necessary.
    Yes I do want to believe they are doing this to save the world and they can if only they choose truth and end this movie.
    These governments only want to maintain control over us keep us dependant on them they all are two sides of the same coin. It’s time to see the proof of the good people taking down the bad guys…expose them all. It’s not gonna be good to keep trying to gleem truth from the pile of lies or disinfo. Truth is the only way out and to stop the madness of the power struggles of these dragon families. They are running this shit show to teach us a lesson….what the hell do we need to go thru this for a group of sleepers who at this point will never wake up but will be the ones who come after the ones who prepared and the ones who lied. There’s no way the sleepers are gonna sit in their homes who believe the shit show is real…..either way they will go mad. But collateral damage right? Fewer people will die right? The stock market crashes and civil war begins while these goons sit off shore and clink their glasses on a job well done.
    If the best is yet to come it will only be by truth and not a bloody civil war.
    The end….that’s how we end this movie…it’s not benevolent to deceive the masses and all for some brainwashed zombies on some biblical narrative of history repeating itself and the savior program. White hats…it’s time….expose the truth and coral the sleepers for some mental health rubber rooms and restore the planet. The end.


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