Juan O’ Savin & Ethan Lucas: NESARA/GESARA & Crypto Are All [Their] Scams! (Video) ~ August 11, 2022


Editor’s Note: As mentioned before…I post so that all may learn the information that is “out there” and so I post this video. I Am not in alignment for much of the information shared by Juan o’ Savin…just sayin.

I encourage all to go within to find your own stance in this crazy world of continual disinfo, and then as you hold onto what you KNOW, then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


Juan joins Ethan and the 2 expose the scam behind the NESARA/GESARA & Crypto currency myth..The 2 break down the how and why they really want us to go to digital currency..

You want to be completely controlled by your ethics? Your Social Score would dictate whether you could access your money..

5 thoughts on “Juan O’ Savin & Ethan Lucas: NESARA/GESARA & Crypto Are All [Their] Scams! (Video) ~ August 11, 2022

  1. Now that I just wanted 30 minutes of my time listening to 107 and his circular psychobabble bible story long drawn out explanation avoiding any real answer to the questions which I’ve managed to avoid for over a year now because if you have two brain cells to rub together you can figure out pretty early on the 107 may know a lot of things he never really can say what’s gonna happen next and excruciating to listen to him talk pretty much every since he was on Jaco’s show and then informed everyone that Biden would be president for a little while instead of the previous so called an of Trump being inaugurated and Biden being arrested I no longer care to listen to him. I regrettably decided to listen to this one which only validates that these people and secret societies use religion and the Bible like a script. If you wanna know what the plan is start there. No surprise if the masons worship Lucifer and the Vatican too….you’d have to be living under a rock to not know this but I do agree with one thing…he stated the q movement was to get people to do their own research connecting the dots instead of the compartmentalization of society. One would also have to agree if you know basic economics is that anything not backed by assets it previous metals isn’t real currency and the digital system they want to implement is the beast system controlled by the AI system and the cyborg zombies that still believe the shit show is real.
    If you believe in the biblical God then maybe read about the space ship that picked him up sent by this God and maybe you will finally realize that religion and the Bible are the script to control the masses and our perception of reality by fear and blood ritual sacrifice which is exactly what they did to Jesus who only tried to blow the whistle on the church and show us we have the power same as he did and more if only we stop giving our power away to these gods aka offworlders pretending to be gods usurping our creative power thru fear to make the world what it is. This has gone on for thousands of years and no one has to wonder why history repeats itself cuz it’s a script and a playbook game so are we gonna play our roles in their movie or are we gonna rewrite the script and take control of our power? Well taking our power back would be my choice which makes us responsible for our action or inaction. Like 107 said they tell you what they will do before and if you do nothing to stop it then it’s called implied consent….so stop asking politicians and government and Trump to save us from a tyranny they told us was coming yet we set on our hands ‘trusting the plan’ underestimating our enemy as if they are not all two sides of the same coin. Do you really believe that they are more powerful than us then go get your jab and wait for instructions. No….no one politician or military is gonna save us. No one is coming down from the clouds to save us. This is the hero program playing out once again….like Moses or any other biblical character that thought they were talking to God….a God that would tell you to kill in his name but give the 10 commandments…many don’t know there were more than 10.
    This game is the biggest game in the multiverse….and humanity enslaved and played. The war for the mind…the war for the soul…and the war on the heart of humanity. We will win when we decide to take our power back and stand up to them. Be your own hero.
    Put the oxygen mask on yourself then help others to do the same. Forget the government and politicians and a system that was always meant to enslave us.
    Now I can go on with my life never gonna listen to 107 again….let’s not repeat history. Rewrite the script. I don’t need a leader, or a hero, or an agency or gooberment to solve my problems…I just need them to get out of my way. Are you ready humanity? Let’s do this.


    1. Ezekiel is whom I referred to that was sent a space ship from God to pick him up. So the biblical God has to send a space ship and still they want to deny there is anything out there and now you know why….right?


      1. I left the “Jesus is going to save me”, a long while ago (much to the consternation of my Southern Baptist mom) and know we must KNOW ourselves for Who We Are! 🌹

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