Cosmic Update 7 August 2022 – Dr Schavi – August 8, 2022

Major Intensification Prior To Crescedo Of Lion's Gate Quick Cosmic Update 7 August 2022 By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Major Intensification Prior To Crescedo Of Lion’s Gate

Quick Cosmic Update 7 August 2022

Quick Cosmic Update 7 August 2022 – By Dr. Schavi M. Ali

Twenty-four hours prior to the height of the “Lion’s Gate” on Monday, August 8th, today, Sunday, August 7th, the magnetosphere chart is showing powerful medium to fast above normal solar winds occurring and very dense plasma particles of protons and electrons pressing into Earth/Gaia.

Neutron counts are “Elevated”, and the “KP Index” is rated as “Unsettled”.

A solar filament has erupted that was not directly facing our planet, but three other filaments are poised to erupt, and two of them are definitely directed at our planet.

These filaments could erupt either tomorrow at the crescendo of the “Lion’s Gate” or the next day.

There have been 128 earthquakes within the past 24 hours, with a “5.8” happening in Russia.

During the “Lion’s Gate Portal” each year which is between approximately July 25th and August 12th, cosmic events are usually very potent.

Earth/Gaia is tremendously activated, and “Light Activation Experiences” also called “Ascension Symptoms” can be quite escalated as LIGHT travels into our realm at an increased level.

Some people will feel very energetic, but they still should not overdue themselves with lots of outer activities that could tax the nervous system.

Others may feel tired, have aches and pains, feel nauseous, lack sufficient appetite or thirst. Everyone has a unique “Light Quotient” or amount of LIGHT that is received and acclimated to as cellular cleansing continues and as DNA is illuminated and transformed.

Earth/Gaia has days when “She” is more activated than at other days.

Sometimes “Her” vibrational frequency and amplitude is stirred-up and sometimes it is calmer. However, there is always movement. “She” is never completely quiet.

“She” is always traveling the “Cosmic Waves” and so are we.

Rest. Hydrate. Spend time in Nature. Pray. Meditate. Eat celebratory foods. Enjoy the high point of the “Lion’s Gate”.

“Wear your prayers” tomorrow by wearing a special prayer mala.

Anoint it and yourself with sacred oils.

The energetics of this major cosmic portal will remain active for the rest of the year and into early next year.

Elevation is quickening in this “Now” and so are the powers of the cosmic forces.

Stay in the LIGHT!

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