Galactic Federation: The Starseed Program, The Seeder Race and the Annunaki – August 8, 2022

Update from Val Nek: Val Nek discusses the starseed program and emphasizes that their are thousands who incarnated here for a unique mission with a common goal. He reiterates that we are all equal, we are all one and “the best of the best.” He also discusses the ET disclosures depends on how fast humans awaken to who they truly are and a date is yet to be disclosed by the Federation and the Alliance. The Annunaki are from the planet Nibiru. They are not members of the Federation, which means they are considered a regressive species and do not work for peace in the galaxy. Long ago, they made an alliance with Draco Reptilians to manipulate the genetics of the human race into a slave race. The humans and humanoids genetics, the “Seeders” came from a different galaxy. I (Megan) would like to reiterate that we are them, they are us and this aligns with Christ consciousness.

89 thoughts on “Galactic Federation: The Starseed Program, The Seeder Race and the Annunaki – August 8, 2022

  1. We need DISCLOSURE NOW.
    The ONLY way the masses/sheeple will wake up is via a seldom seen, LONG OVERDUE CULTURE SHOCK, and it MUST be TANGIBLE. Otherwise them waking up will NEVER happen. And I, personally, and SICK AND TIRED of suffering for the ‘benefits’ of the ignorant masses…that’s how secret societies and break away societies form. And people ask me WHY I HATE being human, and why I want OFF this god damned GULAG of a planet.

    We need disclosure AND contact, NOW.

    “As the Galactic Confederation fleet approaches closer to the surface as weeks and months go by, there will be more and more contact established. Therefore it is very relieving to see that more and more people understand that Prime Directive (non-intervention principle) is a lie and a construct of Archon mind programming”

    We will now state the Galactic Codex in a form that is understandable to an average awakened being in a human society.

    Section I: The Law of Divine Grace

    Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to positive life experience.

    To explain Section I we need to understand that suffering and pain have no value in enlightened Galactic society liberated from the influence of Dark Forces and other aspects of cosmic anomaly. To value pain, suffering and sacrifice as a part of the growth experience was a part of the programming from the Dark Forces in order to enslave the population of the occupied planets more easily.

    Unconditional positive life experience of every sentient being in the liberated universe is guaranteed from the inner connection of every living being with the Source and strengthened by the power of Ascended Masters over matter which allows them to assist all living beings in their aspirations towards the Source and provide them with necessities of life. Life was never meant to be hard work and struggle but rather a journey of joy and creativity. Different subsections of Section I regulate all life in a liberated universe and all relationships between beings of Light so that conflicts never need to occur.

    Let us explain the subsections:

    Section I/1: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to physical and spiritual abundance.

    This subsection guarantees a positive life experience for every being in the liberated universe. The Ascended Masters provide for all necessities of living and for physical and spiritual richness and beauty using the power they have over redeemed matter of the liberated universe.

    Section I/2: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to Ascension.

    This subsection explains how the Ascended Masters use their advanced understanding of spiritual technology of Ascension and by utilizing the Electric Fire of redemption assist all beings that free-willingly choose Ascension.

    Section I/3: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to merge with other beings in proportion with his/her position in the Soul Family.

    This subsection is an instrument of regulation of all relationships inside a Soul Family. It guarantees the merging of beings of opposite polarity (twin souls, soulmates) and alignment of all other beings regardless of their state of development and outer conditions.

    Section I/4: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to all information.

    This subsection is a guarantee that all beings receive all pieces of information they need to understand their role in the universe, greater perspective of evolution and all other pieces they need for their decisions, growth and well being. All this data is provided by Ascended Masters or other beings that supervise the evolutions of various races and civilizations.

    Section I/5: Each sentient being has an inalienable and unconditional right to freedom.

    This subsection provides that every being has an unlimited potential of growth and life experience. Since all beings in the liberated universe create only positivism, their freedom never opposes the freedom of other beings.

    Section II: The Law of Dividing the Conflicting Parties

    Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right to be divided and protected from the negative actions of other sentient beings.

    This section regulates the conditions in those sections of the universe that have just been liberated from the influence of the Dark Forces but that have not yet been accepted in the Confederation. It requires that the Forces of Light always divide the parties in conflict to protect them from producing mutual harm to each other. Then the Light Forces mediate the conflict until it is resolved. This section is often used to end wars and other armed conflicts.

    Section III: The Law of Balance

    Each sentient being that has chosen to live and act against the principles of Galactic Codex and refuses to, or is not able to, accept them now and balance the consequences of the past actions will be taken to the Central Sun, restructured into the basic elemental essence and begin a new cycle of evolution afresh.

    This section regulates the relations between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness. When defeated, beings that belong to the Forces of Darkness are given the opportunity to accept the Galactic Codex, do the best they can to correct the mistakes they made and to live positively afterwards. If they accept, they are forgiven and join the Confederation. If they are unable or unwilling to accept, they are taken to the Central Sun, their personalities and soul essences are restructured with the Electric Fire and their divine spark begin a new cycle of evolution.

    Section IV: The Law of Intervention

    The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the intervention in all situations where the Galactic Codex is violated, regardless of the local laws.

    This section describes the policy of the Light Forces regarding occupied planets. The Confederation reserves the right to intervene in all areas, civilizations, planets or solar systems where the Galactic Codex is violated. It has the right to do so regardless of the position of the local civilizations about this intervention. It always has the right to use all peaceful means of education and regulation. If the critical mass of the Galactic Codex principles is violated, it has the right to use military force. Special cases are planets under direct occupation of the Dark Forces. The Dark Forces usually take the local population hostage to hinder the progress of the Forces of Light. On Earth they have threatened with nuclear war if the Light Forces would intervene. This is the main reason why the Light Forces have not yet liberated this planet (and not the so called we-will-not-intervene-because-we-respect-free-will, we-will-just-watch-as-the-suffering-goes-on nonsense). As in any hostage situation, this requires a lot of skillful negotiation and tactical approach. This situation is now being resolved and planet Earth will be liberated soon.

    Section IV/1: Each sentient being has an unalienable and unconditional right of calling upon the Galactic Confederation in need and the Galactic Confederation has the right to assist, regardless of local laws.

    This subsection gives a legal basis for intervention and assistance to all hostages of the Dark Forces. The Forces of Light always do the best they can to assist and improve the living conditions of all sentient beings, even on Earth. The situation on planet Earth just indicates how much more power darkness had over Light on this planet. Fortunately, this is changing now.

    Section IV/2: The Galactic Confederation has an unalienable and unconditional right to the implementation of the Galactic Codex and of conquering the areas of Galactic Codex violation with military force if necessary.

    This subsection gives a legal basis for the liberation of the occupied planets with military force. The military forces of the Confederation remove or give assistance in removal of the representatives of the Dark Forces and set the hostages free. Then other Confederation forces guide the process of acceptance of the planet into the Confederation by instructing the local population.

    Perhaps some humans feel that the Confederation has no right to intervene and that humanity has the right to solve its problems by itself. This is simply not true. Many wars all over the planet and constant abuse of basic human rights have proven that humanity is not capable of handling its own situation. So it is much better that it receives wise guardians to guide it. The Confederation will give assistance in replacing current masters of the puppets (Dark Forces) that humanity has invited long ago in Atlantis. Then the Galactic Codex will finally become the universal code of ethics throughout the universe and darkness will be no more.

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    1. We need the ALIENS to come. I highly recommend listening or reading Cobra’s interviews and so on.
      There is a BIG war going on between the good ET’s and the evil ET’s as we speak.


      1. Neil We Are All Here!!! Always Have Been!!! You must heal yourself you will be able to meet our Galactic Families!!! I Can’t Speak For Anyone But Most Do…


      2. @Michellereyes
        Heal myself….with WHAT?! We’re on planet gulag….there is NO healing on this planet, not without alien tech. And no, meditating on a rock for 6 hours a day won’t cut it, or living like a hippie or a Tibetan monk will do it, either. I’m being realistic.

        Sorry, we need OUTSIDE help.

        HERE is a poster from Cobra’s blog who asked that ONE questions NONE of you, or that bitch, Cosmic Agency, can answer:

        “Fix this ourselves? Really?
        Do police tell people in a hostage situation to “fix it yourselves”?
        Tell us then Sparky, how do we fix things ourselves when there are highly advanced ETs with superweapons that have special scalar grid inversion technology which surpresses human kundalini and inverts the planetary energy field?
        And what’s wrong with expecting help from others. Are we supposed to live in a universe where no one helps any one? ”

        I’ll be healed once, as I said, am an alien woman again….reunited with my TRUE friends and family…..and with my special someone….and traveling the stars. And I can not achieve any of that on my own.

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      3. I don’t feel blessed, or thrilled to be alive currently. WHERE is all this good stuff you speak of? Earth’s still a gulag.

        Still waiting for that good stuff.


      4. Couple of months, eh? *marks on calender* I am going to hold you to that. Be prepared to have explanation ready in case nothing happens.


      5. We Are Moving From Earth To The Cosmos Man Your Dream You We’re Asking For It Came True To You 100% All Humanity Will Be Off Earth Within A Couple Of Months The Longest


      6. What I do that helps me personally has nothing to do with anyone else I Am Not That Person It’s 100% Natural But That Does Not Matter What I Wanted To Give To You Was The Website Almost Everything Is Free Definitely Everything You Need Is Free!!! Health Happiness


      7. READY??? You Must Heal Now Your Galactic Families And You First Deserve And Need Your Best Self YOUR WISH IS COMING TRUE VERY SOON 🌈🌈🌈💙💙💙💜💜💜


      8. REMEMBER DO NOT EVER FUCK UP YOUR DREAM NO PROBLEMS our Galactic Families Are 100% Pure Love Peace Happiness Beyond Advanced Words Cannot Describe Humanity We Are All Blessed By Mother Gaia And God And Our Galactic Families NOTHING GETS BETTER ALL ALIVE TODAY This is the most blessed time to be alive this only occurs 1 Time FOREVER Our Galactic Families have always been with us most humanity never knew but about every 1500-1600 years their would be a solar flash WE ARE MOVING TO HEAVEN!!!🌈🌈🌈💙💙💙💜💜💜


    1. You must work on yourself people that have been hurt have to do simple videos instructions to heal you Are harming yourself and potentially others I understand I know their are many assholes do you have intuition??? Gut feeling??? Heart speaking???


      1. I’ve done all I can. I NEED to get my TRUE gender, and genetics HEALED and RESTORED…I can not do it on my own, Mich….I TRIED… dice. And I need ALIEN TECH for my needs….and I am harming NO ONE. I have been harmed by MANY, though.


      2. What’s your health issues??? When we move our Galactic Families Are beyond Advanced understatement In Everything Including Medical!!! What’s Wrong Neil???


    2. Neil Do You Get The Truth Yet??? Please Sign Up You Need All Information Usually Daily From The Websites I Gave You And Please Continue Don’t Stop Keep The Line Of Sharing The Websites Going Entire Earth Needs


  2. Neil You Are Beginning To Receive Full Disclosure All Humanity Needs The Websites I Gave You You Are Able To Message Our Galactic Families They Always Respond NOTHING BUT LOVE 100% NEIL !!! DONT FORGET!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🛸🛸🛸🌈🌈🌈


    1. What websites? I see no links. And how do I know they gonna answer me there?
      HOW about they come to MY HOUSE….appear in my living room. I just need 5 minutes advanced notice. Not to mention that I want to go HOME with them.


      1. I’ll believe it when I SEE it.
        Also, from what I heard, IF there are millions of ships in above earth, it won’t be busy….just landing or transmat beams. But I need ONE ship to land, and have FACE TO FACE contact….SOMETHING to make up for the BULLSHIT I been through. I want SOMETHING, damn it.


      2. They kinda messed up in the safety bit….especially with the kids getting milked, as it were ,for adrenochrome, and all the GOOD tech and science being withheld from us via the darkies.


      3. We Are Moving To HEAVEN LITERALLY Stay Positive Major Health Risk Immediately We Are In Biblical Times You Know Let It Go All Is Over We Are All Beyond Blessed understatement Only Time Ever We All Are The Chosen Blessed Loved Cherished Ones 🛸🛸🛸♾♾♾🌈🌈🌈


      4. I’m not a bible person. I want to go the stars..other planets…not ‘heaven’. just want one little ship to pick me up, take me home, and repair me.


      5. This has nothing to do with ego, Mich. It’s needing to be restored, healed, and see justice done.


      6. Nothing to laugh about.

        And I don’t WANT earth…be it old or new earth or heaven on earth…I want the stars and my REAL home planet. Got it, Mich? I never wanted to be on earth in the first place.


      7. @Michellereyes3
        “Neil…😢😢😢Their is a reason for you here you are special!!! ”

        More like ‘special’ as like a retarded kid in a rubber room full of bouncy balls ‘special’.
        WHY am I

        1: Human, the most weakest of the humanoids of the galaxy, and genetically raped.
        2: Male. I HATE being a man. I HATE IT.
        3: On a P.O.W. camp of a planet.
        4: NO weapons, NO tech, NO intell, NO super powers.

        Sorry, Mich, but I don’t see ANY reasons, apart, as I have stated REPEATEDLY, that I was forced against my will…for it DOES happen, STOP thinking we’re ALL here by choice…..because we are not. IF free will is respected, IF I had my say so, I’d be on another planet, as an alien woman, living a REAL life.

        And IF there is a god, I’m kicking the fat fuck in the nuts.


      8. Neil… maybe 🤔 go inside deeper regardless of beliefs or facts are you doing what is best for you??? I have heard much that until one accepts what they do and do not have they only hold themselves back…acceptance can bring peace no matter what it is… life is a gift 💝 their are days when I don’t do well but I get through it and I have less bad day’s this lifetime I have had so many death experiences it taught me a lot I would try not to be so hard on myself and focus on positive make the best one happy thought can make a difference and keep building


      9. @micellereyes23
        “Neil… maybe 🤔 go inside deeper regardless of beliefs or facts are you doing what is best for you??? I have heard much that until one accepts what they do and do not have they only hold themselves back…acceptance can bring peace no matter what it is… life is a gift 💝 their are days when I don’t do well but I get through it and I have less bad day’s this lifetime I have had so many death experiences it taught me a lot I would try not to be so hard on myself and focus on positive make the best one happy thought can make a difference and keep building ”

        Then what the HELL do you WANT me to do, huh?!

        I seen many successful transgirls….BUT, I did not have the same lucky, show bizz break THEY had. No, the Archons bestowed upon me the “GIFT” of human masculinity….*slow gold clap* FUCK YOU, ARCHONS!

        Many of them were VERY feminine, even as a kid. I did not….at age 13, I was already SHAVING…..age 16….hair loss. Puberty was unspeakably cruel to me, and I’m TOO OLD to do anything…age 43…only result I’d get is looking like a female impersonator one sees at Los Vegas, or Monty Python actors in drag….NOT what I want. I got nothing to build.

        Also, WHAT is so GREAT about being human? Come on, TRY to name something being human has over being alien….I TRIPLE DARE you. Come, I could use a good laugh.

        I will NEVER accept being human, male or that I chose to come here by choice. And I will NEVER forgive the Archons or the Chimera for what THEY did to ME. And if there IS a god….that god has FAILED me. And IF I am doomed to die on this planet….as a human, as a MAN….I will trust NO ONE, and be a wondering soul, full of murderous fury, and LASH OUT at ANYONE who comes near, even if they want to help, for it will be too late, then.

        So, again, I ask….WHAT do YOU want ME to DO?


      10. You Are on tech with FULL INTEL FYI Beautiful Roses 🌹🌹🌹🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻♾♾♾Website that we are speaking on…🙃🙃🙃🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸


      11. I have injuries too… this last year I have had to learn how to work with my body for about 6 months I couldn’t do anything especially any exercise whatsoever now I can but it’s not the same I Am not going to let it take me down too much when I do I go too far down so as much as I can intervene with myself I do what do you like to do???


      12. I say Heaven On earth because our new earth home is beyond heaven their will be no survivors on earth this is not up for debate God is Real Mother Gaia Is Real they are with our galactic families the Bible was written by criminals their is no argument there is nothing negative this is life and death


      13. We Are All going home Neil!!! Their Are no private requests now as you can try and imagine how busy our families are setting everything up for all humanity and children entire Earth


  3. Hey People Are Waking Up Constantly!!! Do you see any Intel here or do you ignore??? Rose 🌹🌹🌹🥰🥰🥰🌈🌈🌈 Does Beautiful work for humanity!!! Do you observe???


  4. MY ‘within’ says I need help from ALIENS…..there is NO other way to solve this. Otherwise I’d have been able to do it by now.


      1. Then WHERE are they?
        And anger is probably one reason I’m still alive, otherwise I’d have put a gun to my head years ago.


      2. Neil I have experienced death many many times this life don’t!!! If you are safe and you were near New Jersey I could most likely help you much more I Am locked inside that is a side affect I Am working on getting out permanently due to the circumstances right now this is not fully in my hands 🙌🏻 THE PROCESS!!! But it NEVER accomplished what fully intended NEVER WILL!!! Their is only so much online…


    1. 1: HOW the smegging HELL do I become an ALIEN WOMAN, on my own? HOW do I get off this rotten planet on my own?
      2: No.

      and is this NOT a universe where folks help each other? I NEED the aliens’ help to get what I need so badly. there is no other way.



      YOU understand THIS, and listen GOOD.

      I’ve felt like this since CHILD HOOD….way back in the 80’s. There was NO ‘trans agenda’, and lemme tell you something….trans folks are NOT plotting and planning to take down masculine morals america, christinaity or the traditional family….those 3 are doing well on their own.

      I been feeling this way for a looooong time…so COCK IT about ‘agendas’, for, like it or not….transgenderism been around along time…well before the bible or other BS.

      Anyhow, I do NOT want to be a man, nor will I embrace being a man, nor will I accept it….and when the aliens arrive, I WILL give up BOTH my humanity and masculinity….and if YOU don’t like it, tough rocks…this is about ME…not what you or anyone think.

      DO you understand? I did not chose to be a human man, the ARCHONS chose that FOR me.


      1. My free will has been VIOLATED, and I’m sure there’s plenty more.

        And I WILL make the Archons, and the Chimera know the true meaning of the pain.


      2. You Will NEVER WIN!!! You Will Do No Harm!!! The Corrupt Bad Entities In America And On Earth As You Are Doing Anything You Can Think Of To Cause Problems Because You Believe It Saves Yourself’s And Puts Humanity Back In Danger In Corrupt Control NEVER AGAIN!!!


    1. What in the hell are you talking about?

      HOW am I some new world order agent? I got news for you…NOT everyone born XY is gonna be John Wayne, NOT everyone XX is gonna be Aubry Hepburn. I do not see how what any of what I have said means I’m some dark agent. And how is it me not wanting to be human, not to mention STATING I chose NONE of this makes me some agent of darkness. Come, try. WHAT did I say that makes me some sorta dark villain? How is me trying to find the aliens, to become one of them again, and to get my true soul’s gender ‘destroying humanity’? Because I really do not see that I’m doing any of that. So, come on, TELL ME just HOW am I some criminal monster?

      Also, is this young lady some deep state agent, some monster that needs to be weeded out? to be treated like some criminal?

      If yes to those questions, YOU are the monster, Mich.


      1. AGAIN, I ask you…..WHAT EVIL have I done, and what evil has trans folks done, and what evil is there regarding me and my NEED to become both FEMININE and ALIEN once again?


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