Cosmic Light Force ~ August 8, 2022

✨88 Lions Gate Is Here! ✨

Powerful Light Codes and Activations Are Entering. This Is Where We Find The Strength To Love and Honor Ourselves & One Another!

This Is Where We Begin To Take Our Power Back!

The Masculine Within Us and Without Finds The Strength, The Love & The Courage To Rise!

Continue To Release and Let Go Of Anything Not In Alignment With Who You Truly Are.

The Key… is always LOVE Frequency, within.

Let others be all they wish to be. Love them as that. Then, be LOVE to yourself and TRUE to your own path.


Allow yourself this quality time to honor your own path, it’s a breath-taking, beautiful time of unfoldment of pure essence to be experienced within you.

For by giving this time to yourself, when you have risen further, you will be able to give out, to ALL, SOOOO MUCH MORE than ever before. This, is why you came.




Ignore the noise and chaos of the world around you and find your center.

– @frequencycides


A portal over our home opens…


Hate blinds you

Fear paralyzes you

Greed numbs you

Love connects you

Compassion heals you

Gratitude blesses you

Choice is yours!


Start a NOW habit today

Start a NOW swtich today

Start a NOW opportunity today

All in divine timing?

The most Divine time, is NOW.


AWARENESS of SELF is to KNOW who & what you truly are. We are Divine bioelectromagnetic beings — with abilities to maneuver multidimensional spacetime realities. YOU have the POWER to change the collective reality by recalibrating yourself. Your priority is to operate your body-vessel within your quantum realms most efficiently.

Our brain & central nervous system is electrical. Our body is 70% conscious salt water — allowing electricity to flow. We have 7 chakras to generate electricity & 7 glands to convert it to energy for the body. We have energy meridians to move energy within the body. The breathe brings in oxygen which fuels & flows the energy. Electricity heals the body & there is an infinite amount of Zero Point Energy in the aether. ⚡️🧬⚡️

Bio-electricity, Ki & Qi in the Human Body

Tesla’s electromagnetic medical marvel

Tesla’s The Violet Ray


It’s 8/8/2022 today — portal yourCELLph in the Highest Timelines, back to your original blueprint template, back to your Divine State of GOD-Being. ✨🙏🏽👁🤍✨

A healthy, high-conscious Sovereign Human Being is UN-GOVERN-ABLE & that scares the DS more than anything else!



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