August 8, 2022: Lion’s Gate Energies Soothing the Savage Beast [videos] ~August 8, 2022


It’s the Lion’s G[eight] and the energies are going to reflect that. It’s getting really crazy out there.

Laura Walker has numerous new astrological uploads on The Oracle Report, including one for today entitled, “Voices and Sun-Chiron” that may assist in your innerstanding of the current energies and how they might affect our civilization. I haven’t listened to the two previous yet. 5 minutes.

Ron Watkins/CodeMonkeyZ, who did not, unfortunately, get elected on August 2nd in Arizona, reminds us that the current administration on both sides of the aisle keep trying to slide by their corrupt legislation. They always stick to their plan and name their bills the opposite of what they are designed to do. Heaven help us if this crap gets passed and implemented.

This time, the story is a little different: Link to Telegram.

No Republican lawmakers signed onto the bill, though Democrats were able to pass it via a simple majority through the budget reconciliation process.

Link to Telegram.

The “inflation reduction act” will do the exact opposite and increase inflation a lot.

It will be the catalyst that sends us spiraling into a great recession.

Hope you have been preparing your family’s supplies.

The days ahead are about to get rough.

Tracy Beanz comments on the bill and provides the PDF so you can read it for yourself: Link to Telegram.

The spending bill is 725 pages long. I’ll be reading it today. No bill should be this long. It’s impossible to read it before you vote.

I’ll never forget the video of Nancy Pelosi telling our [s]elected officials that they would have to sign a bill to find out what’s in it. Almost none of those policy makers ever read a bill. They got paid regardless and never cared about us or America. Only a few like Dr. Ron Paul did their job.

This is your must-listen video for today. It’s everything you need to know about Covid-19 and the experimental vaccines from one of the best and highest-credentialed specialists out there, Dr. Richard M. Fleming. This deposition [under oath] is for the purposes of litigation around the Covid-19 bioweapon. It’s not terribly technical or scientific for the most part, it’s easy to understand, and will leave no questions in the mind about whether this deep state agenda was planned, and done with malice to harm large numbers of people. “Knowingly”. Crimes against Humanity. 1 hour.

Dr. Richard Fleming swear under oath vaccines is a bioweapon

If that doesn’t work, watch it here, before it disappears.

And if you did NOT read this shocking intelligence when I shared it the other day, I’m sharing again so it’s a strong nudge to do that—and pass it on.

Russian MIL Declares Ukraine Origin of C19! DNC Globalists Created Covid!

Gee, a lot of diplomat and statesmen deaths these days. Link to The

U Myo Thant Pe was the fourth ambassador to die in China in the past year. Myanmar’s ambassador to China died suddenly on Sunday in the southwestern Chinese city of Kunming, according to an obituary in Myanmar state media and diplomatic sources in Beijing.

Dave’s recent X22 Spotlight featured Peter Navarro and it’s worth a listen because Peter has been around the White House for a long time and held nothing back. It’s disgusting what the deep state did to him, [similar to Roger Stone] and as he points out, if the deep state can do it to him, they can do it to any one of us. They are lawless bullies with paid thugs. His book sounds very good and just what we need to move forward and take control.

“Therapy” is a benign term they like to apply to killer cocktails like the ones they use to treat/feed cancer, but there are negative side-effects to everything the Big Pharma psychopaths push. Who will protect the children? Isn’t it bad enough we have criminals posing as surgeons who castrate and perform double mastectomies on children too young to make informed decisions? Add the chemical kool-aid known as puberty-blockers into the mix and you have a devastating scenario for our future generations. Synthetic hormones are not equal to natural hormones and can have horrible consequences. Tulsi Gabbard has championed this aspect of the satanic agenda.

Puberty-blocking procedures promoted by the Biden/Harris Admin are child abuse. The FDA has recently confirmed these hormones/drugs have extremely dangerous side effects, like brain swelling and vision loss.

— Tulsi Gabbard 🌺 (@TulsiGabbard) August 6, 2022

The temperature of the masses is rising in righteous indignation and the language follows. A shift is required on many levels, not the least of which is tolerance for ‘victimless crimes’ so the emotions and action can be directed where they are needed.

The citizen journalists are not the stuffed shirts, actors, talking heads, or bubble-headed boobies of the formerly entertaining and distracting Main Stream Media. We, the digital soldiers, are authentic, unapologetic, realists. We’re not putting on a show or pretending to be people we are not.

We share what is really happening, to real people, at the hands of liars and psychopaths who want us dead. The expression of the crimes and the emotions that go along with that will come out in a real way, and it may be raw. The wounds are raw. They ooze the blood of innocents.

We were stoic, quiet, and calm for many years, but now we have reached the crescendo when the masses are realizing we were at the brink of extinction. You bet we’re angry, and we will express it—strongly.

Those who cannot assimilate the truth from us and prefer the liars in expensive suits who are really silver-tongued devils are not going to make the shift easily. Why not focus on what matters?

I haven’t been looking for it, but I keep seeing posts about Phil G and I have to say I’m concerned about him. More and more solid, well-known truthers are talking about Phil and his behaviour. I originally thought he was a nice guy and didn’t really want to learn otherwise but something is happening to him. He is calling out Dave at the X22 Report now. It seems like Phil is coming unravelled and may need psychological help. If so, I hope he gets it before someone gets hurt.

It seems that true colours are showing now; possibly because, as I said, it is impossible for the enemy to go any further without showing themselves for who they truly are. Case in point; the Jetson White rapture event video that is so bizarre I didn’t even want to watch it. This is two people reading a script, not having a conversation.

A few of the things Jetson has said recently did not resonate—and the part about our pets going West is one of them. Our pets are going with us. The crew has commented on some of Jetson’s claims and I hope people are using their discernment even more these days because the dark is going to do everything they can to derail and distract us.

This was a time-sensitive video because of the Lunar calendar date of August 8, which Jetson explains is Sept. 3 on the Gregorian calendar. What do you think? It’s 20 min. at the link below.


There is a new search engine you might want to try. It’s You can download an app for gadgets. We will have to compare the results returned on this one as opposed to the Goog monster and see if they return un-algorithmed data that the cabal’s technology won’t show us, or just the same old-same old.

Is this another example of back-handed disclosure?

Conspiracy theory about ‘new world order’ won’t save Vancouver home from foreclosure, judge rules

Canuck readers should know what this means by now.

It is looking like Lake Mead is a favourite dumping ground for the mob, or something. This is what happens when you drain the swamp. I don’t think I’d be swimming in Lake Mead regardless of how hot it got. I’d need a shower afterward. When sunken boats are on high ground, that’s a serious water shortage. What else is down there? Do we want to know?

Fourth set of human remains discovered at Lake Mead since May

A crew member asked me to share news of this Humanitarian effort of theirs in Spain, so here you go. You may assist if you feel so guided.

We have moved to Spain and want to built a community for both animals and humans that is self sufficient.

We are helping dogs and cats that are dumped down here as well.

Could you pls share this? It’s rather urgent.

Hugs Oliver

Before we part ways for today, I have a question: What is going on here? For Telegram readers, Richard Citizen Journalist has a Trump bucks ad on his channel, and at the bottom it says, “This is an advertisement. ~ RCJ”  Is Richard allowing this, or can they stick ads on channels without the approval of the channel owner? I’d really like to know.

This just now published on Telegram. It’s a 2 minute excerpt and it’s some scary shit. Link to Telegram.

This video has had more than 54,000 views and almost 2,000 shares on Twitter in less than 36 hours. This is telling us in 2 minutes that radical science has taken over medicine, it is extremely disturbing but explains so much. I have the full 1 hr presentation and some supporting documentation to go with it. It’s going to take a little time to open this one up and there will be nightmares but I think we can already see the convergence of “tech & medicine” and it does not bode well for humanity.

That is all I have for today. Off I go to attend to life and try to stay positive. I hear that the doctor’s prognosis for our dear friend is “terminal”, as I suspected. I asked if they got second and third opinions and her husband said he hasn’t spoken to the oncologist yet. He was having difficulty talking to any doctors. What kind of oncologist prescribes chemo for a patient who is supposedly terminal, sends them home to die with a load of morphine to manage the pain and after a couple of months hasn’t even spoken to the spouse? It’s unfathomable and makes me so angry. They’re killing people in so many ways, and making them suffer as long as possible while they take their money.

Stay savvy and strong, everyone. This war is not over.  ~ BP

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