A NEW ERA BEGINS ~ July 29, 2022



Planet Earth has entered a new chapter in its transformation process. As a result, there will be a number of more significant changes happening now. Some souls will complete their time on Earth and depart, others will transition to new levels of service.

Some have been well prepared for this moment, others may need to go through a process of adaptation to live with great external uncertainty.

Your inner divine compass contains a sacred navigation center that is in your heart. Your heart can guide you at any moment to flow with an adaptation to changing circumstances.

Beloved, do not fear the expressions of negative energies that are the result of purification. Find in your heart the confidence and willingness to seek the experience and connection with the new light that is making it possible to free individuals from their shackles.

Much can be accomplished by a simple shift of focus towards your eternal divine Self, which is love, truth and Oneness with All.


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