Pars Kutay ~ July 29, 2022


unconditional love

MEGA UPDATE – 28.07.2022
Planetary Liberation Unstoppable!!!
💜 ~

We are in these Magical Times Right NOW that our Higher Selves and our Innate and our Consciousness are the three HU-man Energies that Need to MELD.

Our HU-man Consciousness. . . our Higher Selves. . . and our Innate when DNA starts to work at a HIGHER efficiency.

There are Bridges that start to BE Built between these things and We will start to FEEL them.

When We Recognize and Sense TRUTH. . . when We start to Recognize Discernment and Cognize it for what it is.

When We STOP looking around us for answers. . . they Come from Within.

When We put down the Nonsense of those who would tell us that We were born dirty or that there are societies trying to control us or that everywhere We look there is a conspiracy against us.

And We start Understanding the TRUTH that We are a piece of GOD SOURCE on this planet and We are Smarter than that BEcause We can Discern what IS and what is NOT Happening.

We BEcome SMARTER when the two Brains come together and We are able then to SEE our own Health situation to catch things BEfore they get out of hand.

To Know what We need to Know how We need to eat based upon our Akash. . . who We used to BE and what satisfies our Cellular Structure the BEST.

Every single ONE of us has a different Diet based upon what works for us.

There is NO such thing as an Enlightened Diet except for us.

There are missing pieces when these things start to MELD. . . the missing pieces will start to FILL-IN and We are going to BE a lot SMARTER.

We are NOT from Here. WE Are from the Great Central Sun.

It is the Heart Connection to the max Innate is what Creates Emotion.

Our Innate Knows All about the CHANGES on our every Cell and Innate will SERVE us. . .

and how it Shakes Hands with the HIGHER SELF and Knows about the GOD SOURCE in us.

These are indeed Beautiful Times to BE ALIVE as We Walk Softly on this Earth in the LIGHT of GOD’s Name!


Pars Kutay

~ 💜 ~

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