Divinefeminine7777 ~ July 28, 2022


Leo New Moon

The Leo New Moon is bringing the energy of fire and that means good vibes, love and romance, but it can also mean heightened emotions and drama. The most important thing we need to know right now is to follow our passions. Do what you are passionate about, no matter what others say. Do it even if you are afraid of. This is a way for you to progress and evolve and step into your power. Connect with your intuition and listen. Don’t let the old ways of living get in your way.

Be bold, go big, don’t hold back. Follow your heart and shine your light. Be like the Leo – fierce, fiery and full of confidence. It is time to manifest the life you desire. You are the one that can and will make your dreams a reality. Noone can do this for you. You are the creator. Leo’s passion and positivity will help you on your journey, See beyond the limitations of the old self/society and think big. Move forward, trust in yourself and the divine plan and create. But don’t forget about the magic. It is much more important than you think. I could say that it is the glue that is holding everything together. 🤍🧡❤️

Leo New Moon

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