Magdalene Consciousness has Risen to New Level ~ Universal Consciousness ~ Great White Dragon Energy ~ July 28, 2022


Our Elders of our Native Cultures are with us for the full transition into the New Time of the Golden Age of the eternal White Flame of Mother/ Father God. The Dragon Elders ask for all Ground Crew to keep holding the Line and the Faith in the Divine Plan that we are very close to our Divine Dispensation and Salvation.

As Sovereign entities unto the Kingdom of Heaven our Divine Birthrights are to be enacted of Peace and Prosperity for all of hue-manity. As Guardians and Protectors of Mother Earth we have Collective Immunity from all false laws that serve the dark agendas. Our Law is of the One Universal Truth of Equality and the Golden Rule of treating all Sentient Beings with Honor and Respect as Divinity. The Green Dragons have been called to order to bring the Healing Emerald Ray to court.

Pachamama has received two massive activations in the last 24 hours on the Ring of Fire. One Approximately 20 hours ago with a magnitude 7.0 in the Philippines and another about 2 hours ago in Chile, South America at the Border of Bolivia, it is currently 3Pm PST time. The Chilean Activation was right on the Tropic of Capricorn and the Kundalini Central Column of Gaia through the Andes Mountains.

The Sacred Fires of Shakti continue to Rise as we prepare for the powerful New Moon in Leo and Sun in Leo tomorrow the 28th of July. The roots go deep as the kundalini energy rises up the spine for Ecstatic Awakenings and Blissful States of New Consciousness. The Root Chakra is activated, fully open and in an acclerated expansion as the base holds steady for the rising energies.

Connect Now to the Dyson Sphere connected to Dog Star Sirius and receive the Galactic Transformational Beam of Higher Consciousness through your Crown and down your Holy Temple through your souls and deep into the Crystalline core of Mother Earth.

The Stargates are fully connected, open and activated for our Final Leap of Consciousness as Gold Buddhas of the Pure Land of Bliss, Infinite Light and Immortality…A’Ho!

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