Ishtara Rose ~ July 28, 2022


Magdalene consciousness

There’s a big shift happening

(Usual ascension symptoms – such as people talking about digestive stuff)

The Magdalene consciousness has risen to new level

So I want to announce that again

That the ‘Magdalene’ consciousness has expanded to a new realm

Depending always on your OWN intimate path you walk with light source & where you’re at

But for all it is a gateway to the next that is happening right now

& next few weeks

So….New energies, guides, colours, rays


Remembering birthing and walking through the new means leaving behind the old

& That entering into new states of being is a little like learning to fly or trying new clothing out, the chrysalis can be a messy mush

So going easy



Self care

And joy in simple pleasures of presence with silence & all that is

As much as you can

& above all Staying in connection with the other realms, who are all the while present, by your side, whispering & guiding & helping you

Love to all xx

Painting John Simmons

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