26th July – Sirius New Year + Gate of Manifestation + Hariyali Amavasya + Guardians of The Violet Fire ~ July 27, 2022


Hariyali Amavasya

🌀There is an intricate interweaving of time spirals in the Cosmic Web of Creation, some of endings and some of new Beginnings, that are continually at play to assist in our evolution. And 26th July 2022 is the merging point of two such time spirals, one the beginning of the Galactic/ Mayan / Sirius New Year and the other is Venus / Inanna reaching the Gate of Manifestation on this day at Root Chakra on her Shamanic Journey of Death and Rebirth.

🔷The Heliacal Rising of Sirius on this day was used to mark the beginning of the New Year, however this event Now occurs around Mid August, but the Blue Ray Energies have nonetheless been in evidence since the Sun Sirius conjunction in July. These Blue Ray Energies of Sirius can not enter / anchor directly on Gaia as The Blue Ray represents God’s Will and Gaia Represents Free Will. However , for Ascension/ evolution to happen it is essential that these Two Merge/ Unite/ Sacred Union.

💜It is in this aspect that the true significance of the Guardians of the Violet Fire is revealed, for they are the Conduits for the Blue Ray to enter/ anchor working as agents of the Divine Feminine Energies.Pure Guardians of the Violet Flame are few and far between , and recently after a long gap I found myself in a cocreation session with one such Soul signature/ Client/ Soul Sister. The Guardians of the Violet Fire are Time Travellers , originally from the dimension / realm?/?/of the Violet Fire who have answered the Clarion Call to assist with Earth Ascension at this point in time as active agents of Shifts in the trajectory of Gaia. The Cocreation session with this Guardian of The V.F revealed a vibrant new aspect of Creation and Pathway of Wisdom that had not come through in previous channelings and it makes for extremely optimistic news as the Sirius Portal opens Now!!!

🩸If ,however, lately you have been feeling the sting of Lack(of abundance or support), Fear , powerless/ Victimhood, not belonging , lacking in Life Force/ vitality or just overwhelmed , Inanna/ Venus reaches Gate of Manifestation on July 26/27 as she meets the Balsamic Moon at Root Chakra in the predawn sky. Here she is stripped off her Royal Red Robe , the last of her vestments leaving her completely stripped and vulnerable. Symbolically what this means is that for the next one month we, with assistance from Inanna, are required to identify and release all blocks, patterns, beliefs , distortions ,conditionings, ancestral/ karmic cords,stories that we tell ourselves that prevent us from feeling safe, secure and nurtured within the foundations of our Earth incarnation- Relationships, work, finances, family, home etc. If your world has been rocked recently due to loss/lack/ fear, you can call on Inanna to reorient your Point of Perception from victimhood to CoCreator of your Destiny and find your hidden Divine Inheritance/ Power to assist to to become the Alchemist of your Destiny. Our Thoughts, Words, Intentions, Consciousness, Vibrational frequency are continually mapping on to the continuous spirals of endings and beginnings that eventually shape our destiny.

✨Thus today , July 26 is significant as the vortex point of these two significant cycles.It also coincides with Hariyali Amavasya( Dark Moon of Fertility) in India dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Krishna -2 avatars of the Blue Ray, to bring in Creative Abundance and Prosperity. Check your perception. Are you viewing Life from the prism of a Victim (of circumstances) or as the Master Alchemist of your Destiny?!?!?

EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy

Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na


🎨 Credits: Shashank Mishra, Holly Sierra,n Unknown

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