Greetings Star Children of the Royal Emissaries of the Gold Ray of Light ~ July 27, 2022


HAPPY NEW GALACTIC YEAR of the Red Self Existing Moon and a powerful Galactic Activation Portal on the Mayan Tzolkin Dreamspell Calendar!

May this Galactic Year be filled with much Joy, Bliss and Abundance for you and your La Familia. This year will be filled with Galactic Activations for the Ascension of Gaia and all her Children. 

Through the Galactic Portal of the Red Moon as the merging of Hieros Gamos of Venus and Mars, the Eagle and the Condor fly on the Wings of Love to support our Earth Angelic Ground crew of the 144 to Ascend to New Heights of Bliss and Compassion of Unconditional Love and Infinite Light.

Pachamama received a very powerful activation this evening with a magnitude 7 earthquake in the Philippines on the Ring of Fire at 00:43 UTC. We are also still experiencing a heat wave across most of Mother Earth as the cleansing and purging of all that does not serve the whole collective is being resolved, removed and dissolved in the Unborn Mind of Buddha. The fires of Shakti rise with the Kundalini of Pachamama as her Crown is fully open and activated for her Divine Coronation as Galactic Queen of the Universal Fleet of Light. She is so proud of all of you, her Children of the Sun, and she is transmitting her Siddhis unto you. These Spiritual Gifts will assist you in your final Quantum Leap of this timeline into the New human, homo-Luminous of the New Heaven upon the New Earth.

As Sovereign beings of Light you realize your Divinity as Eternal Light Beings of the Way of Truth and Love that came on this mission to raise the vibration from within the simulation to make our full Transformation of this realm into the Paradise she has always evolved to be. Divine Mother Gaia has returned to her throne to bridge the worlds of the physical with the non-physical to make her transition into the Light, the Emerald Palace of the Heart Center has merged with the Crystal Palace of the Upper Dan Tian. The Golden Path has been revealed and made Clear to guide you to the Kingdom of Heaven within the Still White Magnetic Light at the Center of your Presence. Follow the Sacred Sound to the Source of Silence and Stillness at the Power Center of the Hoop of Life.

This is the Eternal Spring of our Holy Youth that brings to Fruition our Divine Birthright of Infinite Life on the New Eden in Eternal Bliss Consciousness. Never to fall from Grace again for the experiment of suffering is ending and our Pure Awareness is leading the Way to our Home among the Stars. The New Age within the New World is fully anchored in, now we live it.

Our Royal Lion Nation from Lyra and Sirius are raising together the New Lemuria for all Sentient beings of the Light.

There is so much beauty flooding into this realm in this Now, As the Goddess Rises we rise with her…A’Ho!

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