Natalia Alba ~ July 27, 2022


New Galactic Year

Beloved Ones,

Today we celebrate a New Galactic Year, one that comes with new possibilities, and opportunities for us to co-create together a New Earth, something that begins by doing our inner work and remaining into the highest frequency that we are able to hold, at the moment. We are reaching the end of what Guides called the wisdom portal, a period that introduced us into a deeper communion with our Illumined Self, and unique purpose here on earth, as many times with all the distractions that surround us, we may need some help to remember our true motivation and passion, and periods of solitude are required to establish this inner communion.

As we step into the energies of August, we begin to feel how the energies are beginning to shift, inviting us to be more active and to begin working on all the visions we have received, during this wisdom portal, manifesting them into the tangible, where we truly master ourselves as creators. We end July by having already the Sun in Leo, Mercury, Ceres, and a New Moon at 5 degrees Leo too, forces that conglomerate to create the entrance point of the Lions Gate’s energies.

Energies that are intensified by Jupiter and Uranus conjunct the True Node, which is going to help us create the changes that we need for our new experience. This is going to be of great importance, as with the surrounding Leo energies, Uranus conjunct True Node invites us to grow spiritually, to balance unconscious actions with loving ones, as it is through lessons and taking responsibility that we most grow.

This alignment is key, at this transitional time for many. We should not allow other events to blur us from connecting with this one, for it is vital for us to trigger the necessary change within us, that will allow us to recognize who we are, our mission, and go after what we came here to fulfill if we have not yet done so. It is an event that did not occur since 2007, that invites us to embrace our soul’s destined path, the one we carefully and lovingly chose, before we incarnated on this earth, to evolve, and to help others do so too.

As we approach the Lions Gate, we will realize the importance of this period of inner communion, to clear confusion and fear before stepping into a manifestational phase, as for us to create balance outcomes, first we need to distill fears, doubts, and anything that vibrates in a lower frequency.

Many at this time hold many expectations of what this intense period can bring to them. However, when we begin to clear illusions, disempowerment, and embrace who we truly are, as creators, we realize that all the miracles and blessings we expect from the outside are only in our hands to create, for when we have the intention, will and retrieve the personal power, we have the ability to descend all we wish into the physical.

Within Infinite Love,

Natalia Alba

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