(Reader: Truth Freedom Justice) Response to Danlboon “120 Days Past Due” – July 14, 2022

Editor’s Note: This may be just what “They” are waiting for, someONE to say “NOW”…

By Truth Freedom Justice

100% Totally agree with you. It is time for full disclosure and full transparency – including the Light shined on all the associated parties ie Chinese elders and any associated with the order of mankind.

And is it ridiculous for me to remind everyone that:

Donald J. Trump owes America an explanation to NESARA & The death jabs. As well as the continued host story of JFK Jr AS millions have been murdered with the release of this bioweapon and the manner in which this White Hat operation has taken so its time for you to either appear or forever remain behind the curtain forever and not be involved in anything from here on out— -the vendetta under the guise to free the world has a cost, millions of innocent lives and their lives could have been saved and then  jabbing innocent children make all of them knowingly participants in crimes against humanity and genocide – while they joke around on their Rumble channels about it and then make hypocritical statements as if to avoid the narrative in which they have created…as to use reasonable doubt as an excuse.

 Americans have been used as cattle and pawns for an agenda. An agenda that could have been handled differently… we didn’t elect any of them is right and they are treating us like slaves too. Calling Trump King — to hell with that —  King of the death jab yes or self-proclaimed “God Father of the death jab”. In fact, not a single so-called guru and I use that term lightly has made the connection nor claimed to such as all the evidence clearly points to clear as day. Why is that?

If Charlie Ward is in charge o the RV then the world is doomed… The guy lied about being a Doctor and used DR. to bait and draw people into his pay club and rights it off as being “cheeky”– when it is straight a fraud to do so and apparently, he also had quite a close relationship to known British pedophile Jimmy Sevile Prince Charles, good buddy. So whats that all about?

They call this a “movie” yet real people are dying… enough BS. It is genocide. 

It is time to contact the heads directly and use social media to our favor as We The People– -any of these so called intel providers withholding information because they are under some NDA now by Charlie Ward and or his presence should be more like a Paul Revere for AMERICA, not some used pawn for one to “funnel and choke/bottleneck info” – and us their Constitutional Right to free speech and stand their ground with moral compass for We The People.

We hear from sources that General David Berger is in charge as Trump put him in charge — here are his Facebook contacts – message him – WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND FULL DISCLOSURE & FULL TRANSPIRACY NOW – OR ALL SHOULD FACE THE NUREMBERG TRIAL AND TREASON & DERILICTION OF DUTY AGAINST THE CONSTITUTION OF WE THE PEOPLE. The articles within the Law of War Manual have been broken as they relate to hostages under foreign occupation and bioweapons and inhumane treatments…/!!!! 

Message the General supposedly leading the White Hats (according to Real Raw News)  directly and ask what the fxxk is going on


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