Just Sayin… – July 14, 2022


All First Ladies Are Men??


He “Ivana Trump” was charged with recruiting kids



Trump.. took the Vaccine

Is he the ‘Shot’ 💉 that was heard around the World…🌍

What would WAKE ⏰ people Up..🤔

JFK lived even though he was supposedly opposedly assassinated…

What would stop people and question them from taking the shot? It has to be something or someone who is very famous…

What would unify the people…


In 1995 Ivana Trumps book was published titled…..

‘The Best is yet to come’ 👀


Yeah… Trump took the shot

I believe he will be the shot heard around the world…

What would wake people up to the atrocities of the vaccination.

We know that they have predictive programming with trump’s death and have been prepping us that he was not really who we thought…

They allowed Kennedy’s “assassination”… to “happen”.


Remember Trump had to be with high livin’ folks to do his job…



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