Interesting exchange here between Martha McCallum & Devin Nunes regarding DJT:

Martha: “There’s a lot of speculation that [Trump] is going to try to get in soon. Is that founded?”

Devin: “He hasn’t told me that but with President Trump, one thing you can always remember, he doesn’t do anything the conventional way… So look, he will… probably surprise all of us, including me.”

Get in soon? 🧐

I think Martha meant DJT will “announce” he is running in 2024 soon… but did she??? Kek


katisthesea3 @katisthesea3

Midnight Rider Channel
Durham’s brief court filing on Wednesday 
requested the U.S. District Court 
for the Eastern District of Virginia 
to issue “30 subpoenas” 
starting on Oct. 11.. 
A copy of the blank subpoena reads  
“YOU ARE COMMANDED to appear.”

ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter
Kash Patel breaks down the Danchenko prosecution:

“When you are issuing 30 TRIAL subpoenas..
You’re telling the judge I’ve got 30 witnesses 
that I’m going fly in from all over the country & the world
to prosecute this case.
Shows you how seriously John Durham is moving 
on this matter because this is the fulcrum of the case….
It intersects the Clinton campaign
their dirty deeds
fake money
Christopher Steele 
& Fusion GPS who helped prop this whole thing up
by getting paid MILLION$ of dollar$ 
from Clinton-world..

Danchenko was caught 
& these 30 subpoenas are going to shed information 
at the heart of this matter 
by real people testifying in Federal court.”


This is an AMAZING Juan O Savin transcript
if you want to know what this war is all about.
Juan describes the WA Monument & D.C. —
The symbology & the SCAM
perpetrated on the American people. RIVETING.

Juan ended with this
“We’re going to get our country back..
when we’ve kicked the reptiles out of our country
& we’ve brought in the Spirit of God
to occupy our house again
the true God in Heaven,
then we will turn to the world..
We’re going to do our mission before God..
& thereby not earn judgement from God
but instead get blessings from God
& go from win to win to win,
we’re going to be winning every day..
take it to the bank.”

Part 1

Part 2

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