Carolyn 144 GODCODE ~ July 14, 2022


Goddess Age of Aquarius

Rediscovery of self during this time of transformation is confirming more and more who you are and what you want. Continue declaring your desires, as the Most High is helping you define clearly what they are. It’s you’re time of transition into a bright future that is free of the constraints you used to be bound under. Yourself and your future generations are free to receive this fresh new start, independent and free.

The Galactic Wheel is moving us ahead into the Goddess Age of Aquarius daily. Through the shift of ages, karmic justice must be balanced from the piscean age to align to this new timeline. What’s owed back to you is returning into your hands. Life force energy is also recovering and freeing you from unhealthy patterns and attachments that have been suppressing and controlling your kundalini power.

There’s nothing more needed to do now but to return back to Source. We are returning back into God’s Land where we prosper and thrive under His authority. This requires that we live our authentic life under his Laws. We are being shown the steps to take on how to recover this traditional way of being. Your Covenant is with Him and he is ensuring this is fulfilled when the time is right.

Continue cherishing yourself, your worth, and value knowing you are a blessed Child of the Most High. Take care of your needs, heal, create, and fill your mind with lightness. Find balance and structure to get grounded in this new timeline. It all starts from within and your immediate home environment. Keep this simple and pray to the Most High who is aligning you to a new way of being and thinking. It’s already within you, and it’s time to rediscover this part of yourself.

In Jesus Christ’s name amen. God bless you 🕊 Love Carolyn


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