Intellect – Precision – Impeccability ~ July 14, 2022


There is deep magic woven into language. It is why the origin of the word ‘spell’ correlates with the idea of casting spells, that have power over others. Every word has an inner spirit – a code of light that lends it an independent force in the cosmos. The moment a word or group of words is given voice, vibrations radiate out into the universe. There can be no return of these words. At the level of the 62nd Gift, your use of words becomes much more precise because you recognise this great truth.

In essence, light is breaking through you, through your words. As your language becomes purer, you expose your heart to others and to the world. You are taking the greatest step – the leap from worship to embodiment. It is here that you will have to face the fear of humiliation as you give your voice up to your heart. Words spoken from love are deeply healing.
The Gene Keys Book

“Many people have been shocked to find that one of the Shadows in the Gene Keys is the Shadow of Intellect. The reason that Intellect is a Shadow is quite simply because it’s rooted in dualism.” – Richard Rudd, 64 Ways


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