Divinefeminine7777 ~ July 14, 2022


Capricorn Super Full Moon

We have come to the most potent full moon of the year (the biggest and brightest supermoon of 2022), the Buck Supermoon that is happening in the earth sign Capricorn (the sign on the opposite side of Cancer and we are in Cancer season right now). The male deer – Buck – shed and regrow their antlers each year and in July they are in full growth mode. The same seems to happen for all of us as the months July and August are the ones when the most growth happens individually and collectively, (also because of the Sirius and Lyra energy that is flowing into our systems at this time).

This Capricorn full moon is all about growth, connection, reflection, abundance, resourcefulness, action, fulfilling our purpose, moving forward, connecting to our higher self in a deeper way and receiving the info and knowledge from our soul that we will need for the next steps. Now is the perfect time for change (even if you don’t want it or you fight against it). The energetic support we are getting right now can be used to bring change into our life, grow, explore, make use of our potential and create the version of us that we want to become and shed the things, habits, people that are holding us back or dragging us into the old. The full moon energy invited us to listen to our heart and do what feels best, not what we believe we should be doing. Our heart knows.

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