Let’s Decode the Decode… – June 30, 2022

Editor’s Note: None of us can “decode”, know, or decide what direction humanity will go in as the future evolves.

One thing we can be assured of is the moment of NOW (No Other way) is happening! KNOW “Who You Are”, and then BE in…

Quantum Joy!


[They] blind us, purposely, when the facts and truth are out there.

As outsiders, we’ve been dumbed down and programmed to be providers for [them] foregoing our God-given ability to solve life’s “mysteries”.

[They] have twisted the truth and presented their “facts” as a part of a mass psychosis project all while playing a game with us mere humans as the board pieces.

Funny, not so funny.

Narratives and convoluted realities fill our screens and airwaves chipping away at the knowledge that is placed into us at conception by our Creator.

Now is the time to get it right.

Humanity, as a whole, has been getting played for what seems like forever and if people can’t face that fact we are doomed as a species.

However, knowing the grit and resilience of humans, we will march forward asking more questions, digging deeper, and not accepting shallow ear-tickling or phony promises as fact just because it’s broadcasted onto our hand-held control boxes.

If you believe in God; lean into Him if that suits you. If you don’t, get right with whatever moves your soul. When faced with the choice, I believe those “too cool” to believe will come around when called.

Back down on terra firma, neither a ballot box nor a “politician” is going to make things better. Our rise, or demise, is going to come down to which side of the fence we choose and how we prepare for the time when the veil of deception is lifted.

“Nothing can stop what is coming” is a great catch phrase. Not only a catch phrase, however; it’s a sign of things to come. Nothing will stop what is already meant to be.

Choose your team and commitment to truth very wisely.

Godspeed, Patriots.

RB, admin



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