DJT IS Part Of A Military Operation… – June 30, 2022

President Trump is a warrior and he had to do very difficult things!

10 Reasons why President Trump had to approve these deaths:

EXPERIMENTAL OR COMPULSORY VACCINES Donald Trump and the ASSOCIATION – how he saved the world from the original GLOBALIST plan for MANDATORY NEXT INJECTIONS and laid the groundwork for the failure of Globalist – Luciferians’ plans and long-term plans.

(1) The DJT is part of a military operation

(2) The Globalists ’plan included launching COVID after the 2016 election (which was assumed to be Hillary winning). When Hillary didn’t, they waited for the last year of the DJT’s term, with (Their Vaccination Agenda.) For several reasons.

(a) Provided coverage for election fraud.

(b) The depopulation agenda invented by the Globalist had to begin.

(c) Start widespread fear and control,

(d) President Trump should not be given sufficient time to prepare a vaccine with safety protocols and tests. behind this (This strategy is designed to allow GLOBALISTS to introduce and OBLIGATE their own vaccines, the safety of which should never be tested)

(3) The DJT had to take a counter-action: get rid of COVID and all the fears and controls that come with it, uncover Big Pharma and provide a quick vaccination that (due to the rush) has to be indicated. EXPERIMENTAL and thus OPTIONAL (MANDATORY)

(4) The DJT had to consider both options:

(1) Say that America has the vaccines of the Big Pharma / globalist plan for population decline in the world, or

(2) Look to support the implications of each:

(a) If you warned everyone, the media would make fun of you, call it a failure, all the more so COVID. As a result, the DJT would then not be able to expose election fraud, arrest thousands, expose the Deep State plan, and reverse things widely with the awakening of the public.

(b) With the approval of the vaccination (but placing realistic information in the sights of alternative news), the deep state vaccination was to remain Experimental and NOT MANDATORY (which was NOT part of their plan). In war, you sometimes have to choose between two bad options.

Considering the strategy of the globalists, the DJT and the military have chosen the path with the fewest casualties, namely to continue the facade of public approval of the toxic (but NOT OBLIGATORY) vaccine.

The alternative FAR would have been more deadly to all of us in many ways. If the Deep State had created an approved BINDING vaccine, it would have killed millions more.

Is this virus fictitious? If it cannot be separated and there is no scientific trace, does it exist? Only in the minds of the masses!!!

U.S. laboratories cannot find Covid-19 in any of the 1,500 positive tests

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One thought on “DJT IS Part Of A Military Operation… – June 30, 2022

  1. All I know is this whole psyop calamity could’ve been short-circuited by taking DOWN MSM from spewing their lies 24/7. I might be somewhat conciliatory when I SEE executions of the Cabal and its minions. Mass executions will do for me to compensate for all the innocent lives taken by Trump’s vague references to the vax as being a choice. If he’d have come out and say DONT TAKE THE VAX, it would have been effective to keeping people alive.


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