June 13, 2022: NCSWIC is Not Just a Clever Slogan [videos] ~ June 13, 2022


The future is uncertain, but will certainly be exciting. We know that at this point “Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming”. The positive timeline is firm, the administrators and protectors are committed, and the world is nearly awake. The wheels may be falling off the world but the wheels are turning in the Universe and they will continue to churn away in our favour.

Ezra Cohen posted:

Expect a bank run soon.

He followed up with:

Great Depression Armageddon

Considering he was right on the money with many of his prognostications about assassinations and false flags, it feels prudent to withdraw some cash from the bank for operating expenses until things get back to normal—just in case.

The goal of the White Hats is not to punish us or make life horrible and cause suffering. Everything that has been going on behind the scenes for years has been done to make life better, and to make it fair for everyone. While the banksters and the One World Order may desire to see us destitute, starving, and enslaved, that will not be the case.

I consider it a miracle that this liberation endeavour is taking place at all. I can’t begin to wrap my head around how complicated it must be.

When all is said and done, we will have our money and savings exchanged for the new currencies on a 1 – 1 basis. We will not lose anything, so don’t panic. DO ensure that you have cash on hand at home to purchase necessities in the event that power goes out, ATMs don’t work, banks close for the restructuring and integration of the new Quantum Financial System, etc.

Another prediction on Telegram:

Russia is now entering Central America, they may be targeting biolabs there now.
The media seems dead silent.
We are reaching precipice type situations in almost every area I can think of. There’s going to come a moment where the precipice cannot go any lower and something spectacular happens.
Buckle your seatbelts.

The White Hats are having fun with the material they publish. This gets top marks from me and great guffaws.

JAG Amends Method of Execution

I think the above is in line with Simon Parkes’ explanation of the EBS/EAS talk we’ve been hearing for so long. It may never happen. Chances are good that it won’t—but the thought of it gets the cabal’s knickers in a knot and gives them indigestion. PANIC.

This video from Jetson White is very good and raises important issues via the observations he makes.


Twitter is still at it.

Republican permanently suspended! She is running against Ilhan Omar. pic.twitter.com/oNEA4HLDZp

✨Mary Ann✨ (@MerryOLites) June 12, 2022

What I don’t consider amusing is the public address system at Fry’s/Kroger delivering fear porn to shoppers. They began today by describing a nightmarish electronic zapping or electrical jolt sensation which they go on to say is how people describe shingles. To the best of my recollection, they said 80 – 90 per cent of people over 65 already have the virus in their body and they suggest it’s lurking there, ready to strike; to force you to cancel social engagements and summer trips and the way to avoid it is to get a vaccine. I wanted so badly to go to the pharmacy and give them a piece of my mind. Targeting seniors is disgusting.

The crew may recall in the not too distant past that some were talking about no presidential election in November because Trump is the rightful “heir to the throne” in Washington. Phil discussed this scenario on his show the other night in the context of a “special election” which might be required to elect honest politicians to run the government after the election fraud is exposed rather than con men and criminals who have been “selected” .

It was an interesting show in which he also addresses the programme he said was PRISM and the evidence of the validity of his statement. His next live show is at 9 pm EDT tonight. Hopefully Rumble will accommodate.

Corroboration – June 11th, 2022

Canada is a mess. Just one hot mess. I’m so glad I’m here now and not there. I’ve tried talking reality with people I know and they’re deeply entranced and have no clue. Brampton is on the outskirts of the Toronto area. Can politicians dream up any more ways to mess with the system?

EXPOSED! Patrick Brown calls the police after being confronted with his own lies

The Brampton Mayor is using city employees to work on his CPC leadership campaign. Shouldn’t those employees be working for the city of Brampton instead?

Meanwhile, in Toronto proper… 333… link to Agent A1’s Telegram.


Boy did the politicians, police and prostitutes love that building. Hidden in plain sight. Fckn disgusting and dark energy. Funny Coca Cola took over the building and new Globe & Mail sits on the land too. No doubt there are tunnels running under there.

The illegals know they can slide in on Roxham Road in Québec and get the royal treatment. No masks or vaxxx required?

Opinion💭by @VDHanson

Does any foreign national worry about being tested for #COVID19, much less fear being turned away if he tests positive?

Or do we scrutinize far more carefully US citizens entering legally their own country? https://t.co/oExXpwZwA6

— Epoch Times Opinion (@EpochOpinion) June 12, 2022

And now, for the pièce de résistance… from Gen. McInerney.

Canada is beginning to introduce a mandatory monkeypox quarantine.

This is nothing more than monkey see monkey do. Didn’t anyone teach these people not to copy those who failed their last exam?

Americans won’t be fooled.

I shudder to think what my friends and family will do this time around.

If you missed Charlie Freak’s outstanding 2020 video full of proof that Trump and the White Hats have united the world in the battle to take down the cabal, you may get the gist of it in this newer one by Bonfire Guy. It’s really well done and includes an intro by Charlie Freak.

Game Over for the Cabal – The Takedown of the Cabal From A to Z

The afternoon is nearly over and I will end this transmission here. Thank you to the crew for sharing the updates they find for our consideration and enjoyment.  ~ BP

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