Another One Bites the Dust… ~ June 11, 2022

Editor’s Note: Yep, another industrial portion of our world has been destroyed…what the heck is going on? Humanity has witnessed the destruction of various food companies, oil processing plants, coal mines, etc.

We are witnessing a change for humanity, whether we like it or not…so NOW (No Other Way) is the moment to recognize this change will also require us to also change…and more than we eat will change! (Lol)

Our hearts will change, which will change the way we think, which will change our perspective (our point-of-view), which opens us to an expansion of our BEing.

So…watch the news, open your heart to a different explanation for how you think/feel about the news, consider how we, as ONE, are all experiencing the news, and then find yourself in a NEW place, BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


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