NEW EARTH LIGHT TEMPLATES FOR YOU NOW ~ Children of the One Heart Race ~ Saturn Retrograde ~ June 5, 2022

Union With God

Greetings Golden Christed Ones of the New Earth Emissaries of Light,

As Gaia continues her journey up the Ascension spiral she received 3 powerful activations today with 3 earthquakes of over magnitude 6 all on the ring of fire. These activated her Trinity Gate and 3 Power Centers as fields of Sacred Elixir. This in turn has activated our 3 Dantians for the full transformation into Solar Diamond Light beings as Rainbow Warriors of Heaven on Earth. As Saturn turns retrograde today all that is out of alignment with source, has been manipulated for selfish gain or been used against huemanity will be Returned to sender tenfold and all effects be corrected to resonate with the frequency of 5D and the Holy Spirit Codes.

Over the next couple days we will receive consistent upgrades to our DNA preparing us for the next phase of Awakening through the 666 Portal on Moonday. This is where we take back the hijacked codes from the dark and transform them back to the Original Divine BluePrint of Christ Consciousness.

The Orca Nation is with us now transmitting their free flowing energy and Joy of Bliss so we can navigate the Oceans of Consciousness more congruently and with ease. With their Yin and Yang markings, the light and shadow, they personify the beauty of the Natural Aspects of duality, the pulsing in between worlds, and symbolize Freedom and Beauty. They synchronize with the Mer People and as Mercury turns direct and is in his shadow phase we are inspired to dive deep and heal the wounds that keep us from our True Liberation and Divine Sovereignty.

All beings are born perfectly Awakened Buddhas. We return to our True Nature our Natural State of Beingness with the Self Realization of our Oneness with Mother/ Father God and all things in all realms, timelines and dimensions.

In our Return to Source, our journey home, we overcame many obstacles but we know that Love always wins so we release all fears and doubt and activate the Ultimate Faith that all is in Divine Timing and Order and the Plan of Divinity is right on track for our full Quantum Leap of Consciousness into the New Human as the Totality of our Full Luminosity, or homo-luminous.

Keepers of the Golden flame together we Shine our Rays into the field for the Alchemy of the Ages to be initiated…A’Ho!

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