Reader Poetry ~ June 5, 2022

Editor’s Note: Below, are Moon poems poem written by one of my loyal readers. Please read and enjoy, share your own creative efforts, and find yourself BEing in…

Quantum Joy!


On the Full Moon

The moon a haloed disk
Of gold in a misty sky
Whence art thou
Mysterious sphere
She is not of Terrra
As some would say
Too big for its mass
In locum parentis,
it shines in reflection
Of parent a fraction
Good for some
Oder mal for Aye
they dig deep in lunar soil
to lay her secrets bare
but some have already been
and left their ruins there


Lunar Reflections

A gibbous moon lying low
Seemed to beckon my thoughts
In the fulsome of my grief
I sneered at her.
In promise of reflected sunlight
What goodness is there?
Then a dark shadow crossed its face
Seemed small but huge so far away
I addressed the moon again
Indeed you are more than
can ever know
How much did you lend
In omens and bane forsooth
The strange events on earth
Ever good apiece full blown
For ever doomsay on the wane
Is the black bird an alien fane
There for all to see
may be an alien ship
so huge but small
as seen on golden disc.

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