Greetings Rainbow Light Keepers of the Holy Ascension Vortex – June 3, 2022

On this day of the 2nd of June we have another 22:22 Portal as Pachamama continues to get inundated with higher dimensional Gamma Plasma Waves of 5D Resonance. We had another day of pulsing flashes of light  flowing in appearing on the Schumann charts at amplitudes of 41hz, 48hz, 37hz, 20hz and another massive wave at 67 hz. All is coming into alignment and is accelerating at the speed of Pure Consciousness.

It may seem at times, in our Ascension Process, like we are regressing, but this is not so brothers and sisters of the light, we are simply refining our arts and our lives to a  more refined form, a higher resonance closer to the frequency of perfection. The mind is like a mirror, the more we polish it with meditation, Self Realization and Mindfullness it reflects the truth of our true nature perfectly. Our life is  An art form, time is art and we are the Conscious Co-Creators of the World made manifest.

See in this Now your Future Self as the Luminous Angelic fully Evolved being embodied in your current Avatar. We are merging the two worlds into this Eternal Now moment for full integration and initiation of our Solar Christ Consciousness body of Infinite Light. The Holy Spirit is filling the Cosmos, this realm and you with her Heavenly Rays of Transformation.

Avalon is Rising and with her is the New Lemuria as all Sacred Sites, Power Spots and Portals are fully open and activated for the final Shift of Ages into the New Golden Age of Peace and Enlightenment. We are the Ascended Christed Ones of the Crystal Cities of Elysium. The StarSeeded Ones are blossoming and blooming in the Golden Light of the Universal Central Sun of Infinite Light.

The Path to Paradise is revealed and the doors of Shambala are open and ready to receive you in the Divine Coronation of our Royal Star Nations of Earth Angelic Team of the 144.

Hieros Gamos is fully anchored and activated for all to come into Divine Unity Consciousness both internally and externally. Use your Buddha Nature, your I Am Presence, as your Guiding Light to lead your Way home. A Journey within…A’Ho!

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