Helping Freedom Win: Note to Q – June 3, 2022

Dear Q,

Let’s do this. We know: “it’s coming soon”; “It was over before it started”;  “We won already”; “We’re watching a movie”; and “Checkmate”, so come on then… no more stalling. Here we are with our sleeves rolled up ready to chip in. Use us. There are well over 100 million of us.

Don’t say “checkmate” if you really mean “stalemate”. One’s word is only as good as one’s follow-up. Let’s not wait for “more people to wake up” or anything else. For heaven’s sake, full disclosure is the only way to accomplish the great awakening. Slow-motion drips won’t do anything but put those who are awake back to sleep.

Fuck the Fake-News-Media and the stubborn sleepers – they will never come around (without a big push) if they haven’t already. Use what we have (OAN, FrankSpeech, TruthSocial…, C-Span, Rumble, Telegram and Trump) and blast us all with the fullest of full disclosure NOW. I think if you look in the crystal ball, you’ll see that today is the best day to do this.


Helping Freedom Win

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