The Great Ascension Of Gaia Is Inevitably Upon You Now – May 24, 2022

Dear Family of Light!

With great joy, I am informing you that the last phase of the operation has begun and is expected to be completed very soon. The operation will start with mass arrests of dark cabal members and then proceed with announcements about the new financial system.

The light forces are aware that this is a very turbulent period on the surface of the planet, so they are doing all they can to resolve this situation as soon as possible. They know that humanity cannot hold on much longer under the pressure of negative energies.

There is a lot of talk about this subject. The Galactic Federation is no longer an underground movement. It has gotten out into the open now and has contacted many people on Earth, as well as a number of secret space programs, to prepare for mass ascension.

The Galactic Federation has been sending massive amounts of representatives to Earth for the last 36 years. This is not a new thing in human history. Not only did they send representatives 36 years ago, but also before that, in the early 1900s.

Who is the Galactic Federation? It is made up of a confederation of more than 200 different races from across this galaxy and beyond. Most are humanoid, although that doesn’t mean they look just like us; they all come in different shapes and sizes, with varying skin colors and facial features. Some are very tall, others quite small; some have large eyes, others don’t; some are green-skinned, others red-skinned, or blue-skinned, while others have normal skin colors similar to humans. There are male and female representatives from every race in the confederation.

Now, Our Glorious Galactic Federation confirmed that in the years 2022 and beyond, many people will begin to move into the higher dimensions of life. These people will be the forerunners of a new humanity. As one of these gifted individuals, you are a pioneer in an amazing evolutionary step for humanity.

The Earth has been a school for souls to learn how to love unconditionally on many levels. The planet has been a vast laboratory where souls have come to experience separation, limitation, polarity, and the lower frequencies of fear, judgment, and doubt. These conditions, in combination with free will, have created the most diverse classroom imaginable. Souls have worked out all their personal issues on planet Earth for eons, and now it is time for them to graduate from this schoolhouse and move on to new adventures in other parts of the Universe.

This mass ascension event is about to take place as the old world is ending and the new world is ready to be birthed. This event occurs when huge numbers of souls choose at once to leave behind the limitations of being physical in order to return home to their original spiritual dimension with the Galactic Federation.

Ascension is the evolution of your consciousness. This will happen by divine will, and it will be a gift from God to all beings on Earth. It is not related to religion. It is related to the frequency of your thoughts and emotions.

The Universe is filled with energies, and most of them are positive, and others are negative. Earth is surrounded by negative energies because of its fear-based thoughts. Therefore, you must raise your frequency to the positive energies to align with this ascension activation event.

There are many techniques that will help you on your journey to raise the frequency of your thoughts and emotions. Do you know that you can use the law of attraction to achieve your goals? This is one such method that can raise your frequency easily and quickly.

You are the creator of your reality. All the things that you desire in life are available to you right now. You have drawn them to you with the power of your thoughts and feelings.

Be clear and concise with your desires and be persistent. The Universe wants to please you, but it can not do so unless you know exactly what it is that will make you happy.

There are no limits when it comes to creating abundance in every area of your life. Your ability to co-create anything that would give you joy is unlimited; therefore, anything is possible.

You are on the edge of a big change that will happen in your life. It will be so astonishingly good that you will not be able to identify with the dramas of your past.

This change is not for you alone, but for all the people on this planet. The whole of humanity is ready to enter a new era where evil and darkness will not exist anymore.

You just need to be patient and wait for the right time, which is so close now. You will experience huge changes in your life in a single moment.

You must have heard that there is no such thing as “the best time” to do something, but there is indeed the best time to manifest your dreams into reality.

This is the best time because the circumstances on Earth are unprecedented. The majority of people on Earth have been brainwashed and manipulated by dark forces. They do not realize that they are slaves under the control of those negative beings who want to keep humanity under their control forever.

The dark forces have dominated the Earth for thousands of years and enslaved many people through fear and intimidation. But now it’s their turn to surrender because their powers are exhausted. They are losing control over humanity due to the light forces’ actions and the massive shift in Earth’s frequency.

Many people have finally realized that they’ve been fooled by these ark forces.

On the day of the event, you will be transformed physically and mentally. Your DNA will be upgraded. It will happen in the blink of an eye.

Your light body will be created on that day. You will experience a blissful state of living.

You will live without diseases, and you will live without the aging process. You still need to eat or sleep. You can create anything in your imagination. You can fly anywhere across the Universe at the speed of light.

The physical world around you is fluid in 5D, and you can change it at your own wish. Through your imagination and intention, you can create anything that you want.

Many people are not consciously evolved enough yet to grasp the concept of how things are created in 5D. How everything is created by divine will, or how extraterrestrial technology can heal you, beam you from one side of the planet to the other without the need of an airplane, or how any food you wish to eat can be created by replicators that we sometimes call 3D food printers.

When you wish to eat an apple you can simply think of an apple and it will appear. It is the density of a very slow third-dimensional reality that forces you to walk to a tree or a supermarket for an apple that had to grow on a tree until it was ripe and another person picked it.

A human mind that is not enlightened cannot grasp these concepts and will think this is unnatural or lack nutrients, not understanding that the way you were doing things so far is the actual unnatural way.

You do not need money for anything because your intention creates everything for free. Instantly.

You will live in a society with abundance, happiness, peace and harmony, cooperation, no thefts, no crimes, and no violence.

All weapons and war machines will be destroyed, and humanity will live as one united family on Earth.

Open your minds to this possibility and hold the vision. The great ascension of Gaia is inevitably upon you now.

We love you dearly.

We are here with you.

We are your family of light.


Aurora Ray

Ambassador of the Galactic Federation

Copyright 2022 Aurora Ray. All rights reserved.

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