Check this Out – May 24, 2022

Have you seen this?

(Editor’s Note: Hmm…could the border wall actually be a big tuning fork connected with Tesla free energy in some way?)




See why they didn’t want Trump to finish the wall?

It never had anything to do with border security.

If it was all about border security, they would have allowed the wall to be finished.

The wall was designed to allow free energy to be distributed on a massive scale. It was the final piece to building out the infastructure that Nikola Tesla gave us many years ago.

The Cabal does NOT want free energy. They enjoy sucking your bank account dry every month with their illusion of “utility payments”.


Seems legit. Amazing confirmation of Border Wall mass healing frequency device. Time will tell if it will resonate hopefully sooner than later.


🔅March: Record 221,303 Migrants, Southern Border !

🔅Hi-Tech SMART Wall Detects Intruders

Solution: CEO Dennis O’Leary… the technology can create an x-ray-style picture of an area just by burying a small and near-undetectable cable in the ground. Border Patrol is in talks to roll out hi-tech ‘smart walls’ that can detect intruders approaching on foot or in underground tunnels, and launch autonomous drones with facial recognition to catch coyotes and drug-runners.

Problem: The figure is the highest since Joe Biden took office, beating a previous record set in July of 213,953. Former acting ICE director Tom Homan on Friday night accused Joe Biden of doing ‘nothing’ to deal with the issue, and pointed out that more people had died making the journey under Biden than any president he could recall.

11-Fold Increase Since Biden


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