We have KP4 geomagnetic instabilities and a Schuhmann Resonance BLACKOUT for the past 13 hours assisting this Final Purification, Reset and Shift within the Collective Consciousness as The Final Curtain call commences! The C-class Solar Flare baseline continues and we have increased solar wind speeds, although altogether the sun has been a little calmer today.

The energies have been super powerful with a new level of Krystal Clarity and our true memories coming online, as well as a powerful influx of Diamond light codes, activating OUR new DIAMOND AVATAR, READY TO QUANTUM LEAP INTO ALL NEW ORGANIC ASCENSION REALITIES, all-ready available! There is a powerful collapse of fallen Timelines and false memories, bad data, limited porgramming/ belief systems and thought forms happening in the field right now and accelerating.

Crystalline Activations continue to crystallise and purify our blood/lines, bones, fascia and skin, crystals in our brain, our Sacred Krystal Hearts, our cells and atoms, we are turning into our Diamond Avatar Self, our pure, true, organic, natural Self that is connected to the Cosmic Diamond Mind, Organic Crystalline Diamond Heart and communication network.

The remaining impurities, distortions, lower DNA codings, reversals, miasma, interference patterns, karmic load, trauma imprints, negative energies and entities are being washed off us and ALL through magnificent Diamond White and Aqua Blue Rainbow Plasma light and returned to Source for re-encryption.

Powerful plasma flows are pushing up our spinal column and central channel, rising up from the Crystalline Core of Earth and Earth star chakra, clearing any remaining remnants and energetic blocks, especially around the solar plexus, high heart, throat and third eye areas. Ultimately all that still requires release, transmutation, alchemisation and healing is coming up for release.

The ongoing increase in natural DMT release is deepening the experience of us walking in the dream. As Reality becomes a dream and DREAMS BECOME REALity. Our bodies require a lot of intermittent rest as we are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually Quantum leaping and transforming at super extra fast quantum God Source speed! Time truly has stopped for many of us, it’s merely a point of orientation, reference and serves for navigational purposes. It has lost it’s power over us, it’s pressure and meaning as we operate outside of time, we bend time, we slow it down, halt it, speed it up, we play with linear time once we have transcended it altogether from the observer state of our timeless, Eternal Self, that has never been born and never dies.

Trance-ending time, becoming Timeless, Boundless, Limitless and deepening into our Eternal state of God Source Consciousness, connecting deeply with the Cosmic Mind and Godhead and the quantum field is The Key in us transcending the remaining illusions of the artificial hologram, which collapses it all, such as time, space and gravity. All part of the lower Realities that we came to fully transce-end, along with all the other illusions of separation and form that do not limit us as we ascend, align and merge with the higher dimensional frequency bands and Realities now.


The stage is set for The Event to deliver the final ignition of the new Diamond Grid, Collective Consciousness Reset, purification and collapse of the old, artificial, false Matrix simulation. As I shared in yesterday’s Cosmic Energy Update ‘NOW WE EXIT THE MATRIX’, I’m seeing the 22nd as a most powerful trigger date for this to unfold and an opportUnity for us to unite as ONE through a LIVE Activation on YouTube that I’ll be facilitating, to help anchor, amplify and direct these powerful Activations and Diamond, Trinity Kryst, Divine Union/ Love, Edenic/ Paradisian/ Bliss keys and Codes into the Grids and Collective field on behalf of ALL! You can find the link to the update and reminder for the live Activation and transmission in the comments below 

Re-member the old, false artificial Self along with its programmed and inverted beliefs and perceptions, unconscious, limiting thoughts and habits, and inherited characteristics, is what projects false, artificial, inverted, limiting Realities. Thoughts do create matter.

As we fully shift now our Consciousness from distorted Polarity, and victim-victimizer, to Unity/ God-Source Consciousness, a higher Heart-Mind coherence, fully aligned with the Law of One, we then also project the new Organic Ascension Realities onto the new Organic Creatrix field, as the old dissolves. Because it’s not a matter of manifesting a New Earth, a new Reality, but about shifting our perceptions and beliefs that PROJECT ALL NEW REALITIES, based on a new Consciousness.


All igniting now with these powerful DNA Activations as we continue to merge with our True Diamond Avatar, multidimensional self, from deep within the film strip of our DNA, our Consciousness and with a whole lot of Cosmic, Divine help! It is our DNA, cells, Crystalline Heart and Network, what holds the instruction sets/ Consciousness, our True Tribal and history Records, Cosmic Origins, and Divine Blueprints and Templates for the new Organic Ascension Realities and Creatrix field, ready to be fully ignited and revealed, any moment now 

I AM READY for the Supernova of the Heart Event, are you?!

Eternal Love & Blessings,



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