Helping Freedom Win: What does “Great Awakening” mean, if Not the Same Thing as “Revelation” – May 22, 2022

I only just woke up right around the time of the 2020 election. Yes, I knew there was corruption before then (obvious), but I knew this only to the Fox-News level.

When I found out about adrenochrome and other travesties, after crying my heart out for hours I had a personal awakening (i.e., born again Christian). I think seeing the truth of Satan brought me to realize the absolute truth of God. Christ came here to help prepare us for this very time we’re in right now. After all, what does “great awakening” mean, if not the same thing as “revelation”.

Each day I ask God what he wants me to do. Sometimes I ask many times…depending on the day. I know I came to Earth (here & now) for a reason, and probably many reasons, but I don’t have a full picture (just the bits and pieces I get from God each day). Another thing I know is that I’m supposed to keep my heart warm and my focus out (on whatever I can do to help others)…and that means whatever (i.e., keep looking for new ways.)

What is Your Great Awakening Like?

Please share what God is telling you to do far and wide. I invite your comment, below. 

Helping Freedom Win

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2 thoughts on “Helping Freedom Win: What does “Great Awakening” mean, if Not the Same Thing as “Revelation” – May 22, 2022

  1. I met George King (1919-1979) in 1958, he founded The Aetherius Society in 1955..
    The account of his work and sacrifice was completely hidden by the media,
    The ongoing turmoil is preceding The New Age founded in the years following the world war.
    .The disclosures of space travel and ETs. being released, will not include the fundamental metaphysical aspects..
    My website is, “The Divine Heresies” .
    This comment is offered in sharing what I know.


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