May 22, 2022: Intel Silence, “Go” Signals, Something’s Up – May 22, 2022

We were told that major intel diseminators in the alt news community were asked to go silent for a few days. I was going to take the day off but decided to share a little.

This is an interesting post… but what does it mean? Coming from Ezra Cohen, it’s something to note.

The National Guard has received the signal from 45.

Phil put this Telegram and a few others out. Is there a vendetta? Oh, yeah.

An update from Gen. McInerney, confirming Q’s prediction. This is the dark cabal/globalist agenda—not what will be permitted to happen.

Step 1: Create a Food shortage
Step 2: Baby Formula Crisis
Step 3: Release Monkeypox
Step 4: Kill Innocent Kids
Step 5: Media Fear Campaign
Step 6: Lockdowns and Loss of Liberty
Step 7: New Vaccines
Step 8: Use Dead Kids For Mandates
Step 9: World Population Declines
Step 10: One World Government

Looks like I can copy and paste some Truth Social posts, like this one:

BREAKING! EU: Belgium becomes the first country to introduce mandatory “21 days quarantine” for the people tested positive for Monkey Pox.

If you don’t believe the Democrats are going to use this against Americans before the Midterms… think again!

Don’t fall for this scamdemic 2.0, folks. Friends don’t let friends fall for medical hoaxes. If this plandemic ruse doesn’t wake people up, nothing will, I guess.

Telegram update from Q the Stormrider on the days to come follows. As I said, food and supplies from DUMBs will go a long way, but I have a question about the Monkeypox; will it be activated in the vaxxed? How will they make the masses believe it’s a pandemic if there aren’t a lot of people with symptoms? What’s the plan?

>)WIRES:; GERMANY, Italy, FRANCE.> Makes secret deal with RUSSIA</// _] PUTIN [ knew how to take apart NATO/UN/<


German, French, Italian, Polish, And several NATO countries don’t have the>GAS< to fight a RUSSIA WAR!!!! …. Let alone have GAS for the summer season and coming Winter ///
Behind the scenes [ INFILTRATION ] Whites HATS
]] ALLIANCE [[ inside NATO , UN. military/CABAL [DS] have been creating chaos within the DEEP STATE ALLIANCE//( i reported on this few months ago)// .. Now the Military Generals inside EU have their heads turned to Bowing to RUSSIA and creating a silent ALLIANCE and slowly backing away from NATO,UN DEEP STATE (which is operated by the DAVOS HEADS/Rockefellers/Rothschild/Bush/du Pont family ECT ECT ECT ECT ECT . All extending from the Roman empire that created the central banking system and man made systematic wars for control …. This current 4RTH RIECH ) COMMAND..

Behind the scenes Germany, France, Italy is beginning the collusion with RUSSIA…. And silently making moves to EXPOSE UN NATO current regime ….( In the next months expect NEWS outlets in EU to start DECLAS on UN,NATO )//
Sources;:. _ PUTIN knew about the MONKEYpox virus ( bioweapon ) inside the AstraZeneca & Pfizer vaccines.
Putin knew [ DS] puppet BILL GATES was going to use the MONKEYpox as the next PANDEMIC (Gates said many times the next pandemic will get their attention….> He knew<)
That’s the reason W.H.O. ordered millions of MONKEYpox vaccines a year before the current outbreak.

PUTIN knew of the DEEP STATE plans in advance. Who is behind the [ DS] REGIME/ THEIR AGENDA….. Was To attack RUSSIA and tried many times to kill PUTIN in assassination attempts….( RUSSIA holds most of the worlds lithium reserves and controls Large portions of EU oil and fertilizer reserve and distribution)// the CABAL wanted to KILL Putin and install a new deep state REGIME////

But with the planned ALLIANCE attack on UKRAINE.. Over 500 billion€€€€€€$ in [DS]money laundering operations went into the pockets of RUSSIA ///

Not only did RUSSIA get the money, and destroy deep state operation biolabs in Ukraine but also the cutting off GAS in EU / NATO countries has brought the beginning of NATO/UN regimen into a collapsing point as major countries> Germany, Franc Italy< are siding up to PUTIN….

Putin+TRUMP knew the .W.H.O. Was going to make an advance on WORLD MILITARY THROUGH
A WORLD TREATY using a global PANDEMIC ( MONKEYPOX) TO SEIZE POWER… Seize world military power….////Inside the treaty WHO would have absolute control……/////)//////)///…….
but safety measures are in place!!!!!!!!!!!….
And the white HATS ALLIANCE
Are working hard BEHIND the scenes to bring hidden STORED FOOD
IN UNDERGROUND D.U.M.Bs to the world and help the food demands ……/// The food hidden by ELITES through the world in D.U.M.Bs was enough to for hundred years

Signing off for today. Prepare for what’s coming.   ~ BP

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