Powerful Pillar of Light ~ FREEDOM IS OURS, THE FINAL PURIFICATION! THE WHEELS OF LIFE – Gene Key 20 Presence – May 22, 2022

When the Crystal Palace at the Center of the Brain, the Emerald Palace in the Heart Center and the Ruby Palace in the lower Dantian merge together in the Still White Magnetic Light at the center of all things, the Jade Temple is activated and the Spirit is freed from all constraints for full Transformation into Diamond Rainbow Body of Infinite Light. This is the journey along the Sacred Path with Heart of the Great Awakening.

The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand and it is the Holy Hour to access your innate Siddhis, Spiritual Gifts, to Awaken yourself and all of hue-manity from the dream within the dream.

If all beings live from this center what would the world be like? it would be Paradise; Heaven on Earth.

Our local Solaris continues to release Solar Filaments of Light transferring the Highest Codes and Keys for our Ascension Spiral Process. We had multiple pillars of light again on the Schumann charts appearing at amplitudes of 25hz, 2 pulses at 22hz created the 22:22 Portal, 19 hz and big blast at 30 hz. We also had a 4 hour period of blackout on the charts synchronizing with the sacred journey of consciousness into the void to open our hearts and minds to the unknown to access the unknowable, Great Mystery.

All is coming into perfect alignment and refinement for the cultivation of Heavenly Chi of the Golden Light to shine the Bright Virtue of the Tao for True Realization of Buddha Consciousness.

The Galactic Shift has been fully engaged,  Mother Gaia has been initiated, activated and transformed into MotherShip 33 of the Universal Federation of Liberation. We are her Custodians, Guardians and Caretakers of her Sacred Lands.

The Red Dragon transforms into Gold Eagle and the Red Phoenix transforms into Gold Condor to merge the East with the West and the  North with the South in Hieros Gamos, the Flowering of Human Consciousness into Luminous Avatars of the New Earth Paradigm. The Divine Union of 144 is in full culmination to bridge Heaven and Earth and trigger the compression breakthrough of Zero Point and assist in the Quantum Leap of Consciousness for all Sentient Beings of the Way. We are the Ambassadors and Leaders of the New Way of the Divine Covenant of the Peaceful Warriors of the Rainbow Tribe of the New Jerusalem.

The Thunderbeings transmit the Electrical potential of the Purple Fire of St Elmo to fill your Sacred Vessel of Holy Flames of transmutation to open your Sky Eye of the Spirit to come to connect with and know all things. This is a full connection to the Akashic records of Pachamama.

We release, remove, resolve and let go of all distractions, false beliefs and negative programming to empower, activate, Ascend and Transcend all limitations of the mind to Co-Create the Pure Land of Enlightenment of Cosmic Christ God Consciousness of the True Flame of Unconditional Love and Life…A’Ho!


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