Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay – May 22, 2022

Harmony of the World

Greetings precious Starseeds with Love We come to share this reminder….

Every human soul, incarnated on Earth, was born with an Emerald Sacred Heart, hidden inside the body by Prime Source Creator so that you would have the Eternal Heart Flame as a Light beacon & protection while traversing through the darkest physical realms of the lower dimensions.

It is for you to find your inner Light as you journey through the valley of the dark, and this process has taken many lifetimes. A promise was made by Source, that all souls in the lower dimensions would eventually be returned back to the original Heavenly Home.

This is the original Ascension path through the cosmic star systems, ages and timelines for the physical experiences, and to find your way back home, remembering our Divine Purpose, to be reunited with Source Creator-God.

In the base of our brain’s stem is the Medulla Oblongata, which is the receiver of Cosmic Energy Divine Consciousness via the Crown Chakra & by bringing the Sacred Mind & Heart into coherence, allows the Cosmic Energy to flow in & down to the Heart, which activates the Monadic process of the Star (8th) Chakra, where the inner Holy Spirit’s highest frequency changes the vibrational patterns & colors of the Heart into an Aquamarine Emerald Heart.

The Monad Heart, known as the Merkabah, also activates our 12-D Plasmic Shield, used as protection to strengthen and grow our Albion Lightbody also to utilize for all energy work. The 12-D Shield and the Monad Activation can repair and heal all organic parts of the human being. The energetic particle wave spectrum of the 12-D Golden White Ray holds the Kristos Arc-Light Codes, the Blueprint of the 144 Subharmonic Strings from the entire Universal Time Matrix — the original Human, 12 DNA Strand, Avatar.

You are a Divine Crystalline Lightbody Human Being, a bio-electromagnetic super quantum computer with the potential to anchor & bridge the Cosmic Heavens onto the Earth grounds — while traversing through the dark realms that is currently shifting rapidly by the Higher Gamma-Light.

Hieros Gamos is the Sacred Marriage of the Divine Inner Spirit & the unification between Self and all life expressions. As a true Kristos-Conscious Star Being, with the Divine Monadic Blueprint and activated Emerald Sacred Heart, you have all that is needed to expand the Eternal Infinite Life Force Energy within yourself into your physical spacetime reality.

In Oneness of Grace, Love and Peace

Deeaia Cosmic BlueRay


Elder of the BlueRay Council and guardian of the Mother Ark

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