One.More.Time – May 22, 2022


675 days, 19 Lawyers, 40 FBI Agents, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants, and Bob Mueller missed this.




Tomorrow, 5/23, there are 222 days left in the year.




As this unprecedented battle rages on, each and every one of us will have to dig deep inside ourselves to find inner peace.

Our journey is leading through ever-changing, uncharted territory where, if you haven’t already figured it out, you may be find yourself in uncomfortable surroundings. We understand because we’re there, too. Every step of the way.

The intensity seems to be ramping up and will most likely cause further stress to your well-being. If you find yourself needing a break, please do so. Everyone needs time away from the craziness we are experiencing and a break is not only good, it’s almost mandatory.

If the content provided is not what you want to see or hear, we understand. We strive to provide material that uncovers the mysteries behind the curtain, so to speak. Should the material go against your perception(s) and you don’t like that or don’t want to hear it, you’re free to exit the channel.

Moving forward, we will continue to dig, continue to question, and remain true to ourselves and each of you. At the end, hopefully you’ll look back, smile, and be appreciative of time well spent.


RB, admin.



WON (Ed. Note – the mirror image is β€œNOW”

Mr Pool

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