Bullwhip Effect Ends With A Bang: Why Prices Are About To Fall Off A Cliff- May 22, 2022



The connection from Obama to [W]allenberg starts in 1917, goes from Peter [W]allenberg to Allen Dulles, Kissinger, Bush, Clinton(Telecom Act with Ericcson in 1996) to little Bush and Rumsfeld, to Obama.

From the Swedish newspaper Dagens Industri on 19 January, 2001.

‘Direct contact between Bush and Wallenberg’

“Wallenberg gets a direct contact right into the new US government when George W Bush takes office as president today, Saturday.

Bush’s Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld has been on the board of the Wallenberg company Asea Brown Boveri for several years.

US Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld sat on the board of ABB when it won the $200 million reactor agreement with North Korea, reports the British newspaper The Guardian.”

Why Trump Kept Mentioning 1917

The Swedish Kings of Cyberwar

With big help from : @SokratesXVII

[W]s have had control for that long, and have been calling the shots. [W] is BHO’s ultimate puppet master as well as GS.



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