Ya’ll Got This? June 4, 2022




⚡️SUCH BS: Latest Star Trek Spinoff Suggests World War III Started with Jan. 6 Protests in DC.

All of those protesters challenging the stolen election are the root cause of World War III — NOT the dangerous dementia patient in the White House.

Pravda would blush.



If they can do it to President Trump and Jesus, they can do it to anyone

Stand firm in your faith, your resolve, your intuition, and your integrity

…and all will be right in the end

Some just need more time to see the truth than others. All we can do is help them see the light but we cannot force them to learn faster #FreeWill ❤️🥰🔥

QFS and GESARA are around the corner for all mankind, even the scammers🙌

White hats have been beta testing various batch phase releases since at least 2020 that I’ve personally documented and posted

When there is no more war, famine, drought, poverty, and crimes against humanity, and instead there is abundance, prosperity, peace, and love for everyone, even the wicked will turn from their ways as there is no reason and no victim left for them to prey on ❤️

Join us here:



Assets on Lobstr ✅QSI.xmint.io





What does Homo-Capensis mean? What do we know about it?


Homo Capensis 💥


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