Intel Snippets ~ June 29, 2022


Intel Snippets 29 June, 2022

Compiled by Peter B. Meyer


Planet Earth has been 500.000 years under siege. The final phase has begun and will take at least 5 month for completion.

The strategy is cabal’s self-destruction to minimise casualties, the alternative would have been a devastating war.

People must be patient, as self-destruction is a time consuming procedure.

• All food factories that produce poisonous products have been or will be destroyed.

• The cabal has taken many different avenues to make people sick to let them take their oil based pharma pills to enrich themselves.

• Diseases like Covid, Aids, Cancer, etc. and Chemo treatment are a money scam.

• ANTIFA is a government financed terrorist organisation, all people involved will be arrested and prosecuted.

• When all of the cabal satellites are destroyed their artificial clones will collapse. They could dot the streets and properties as seen in the Ukraine.

• Disney Corporation is evil and set for destruction.

• This weekend will start with upcoming necessary changes.

• The destruction of the old system will take at least 4 month; July – November.

• August will launch new structures and formations.

• September is set for the launch of the new financial QFS-system.

• October for building and planning our future.

• Expect the housing bubble to burst along with banks and mortgage companies.

• Gas prices, will affect trains. planes, and auto travel that will keep people at home while the military rounds up more evil cabalists.

• Ghislaine Maxwell got 20 years in prison but might not survive due to inmates and guards attitudes towards her horrific behaviours .

• Mobile phones and computers which are full of radiation, will be replaced.

• Hollywood clones! The cabal always creates backups! It is believed that potus (Trump) is safe and sound always…Q told us… Potus is 100% insulated; he is safe!

• Celebrity clones and famous historical figures! Donald Marshall Vril lizards! George Green and more! Saul Alinsky are useful idiots!

• Below article exposes Hollywood’s and Political Clones, Vril Lizards and their proboscis in one’s eye, and the synthetic plastic human-like creations.

• Hitler escaped Germany, but a look alike was burned at his bunker. Cloning began in 1938.

• The underground creatures the militaries have been fighting are also mentioned.

• From the Galactic Federation: Australia, Area 51 and US Navy

• Humans have the ability to communicate telepathically, unfortunately it has been curtailed by these extraterrestrial nasty creatures like the Dracos and Greys.

• Australia underground at Pine Gap is being cleaned out by the Federal Troops

• The world slowly recovers from the hidden technologies of mind control, lies, and deceptions in the cabal master plan of robbing the planets dwellers of their rights, property, and thwarting the ascension to higher levels of consciousness our race of higher beings.

• Listen to this lady as she uses her brain powers to telepathically relate the changes occurring in Australia and revealing the three letter agencies involved in this.

• Be aware of Operation Paperclip in 1947 in which large numbers of NAZIS infiltrated the U.S. and infiltrated our country with a long term plan to take over America and control the world and continue their acts of evil against children and others.

• Coming changes of our world to a new way of living along with important formulae that the ancients knew about our earth and its energies.

• This coming weekend is the beginning of our liberation from the evil Draco and Greys Reptilians.

• Gas prices are rising to keep the people at home while the next 4 weeks wreak havoc on the evil non-human entities.


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