January 3, 2022: War Games That Aren’t Fun [videos]


January 3, 2022: War Games That Aren’t Fun [videos]

Starship Earth: The Big Picture January 4, 2022

There are so many things unfolding now I can’t begin to cover it all, but I am going to get into the Colorado “wildfires”—because they aren’t wildfires from what I’ve seen and heard. The drone footage doesn’t lie. You will see isolated homes and buildings that burned to a white ash, and a few feet away homes that did not.

When I heard about these fires, Steve Lookner of AgendaFreeTV had the police scanners on and we were hearing multiple simultaneous “structure fires”; very suspicious for supposed high-wind-driven “wildfires”. There aren’t a lot of forests. Where is the blackened grass?

In most of the video I have been watching, there is no path of a fire that was supposedly driven through developments by high winds. The fire was very selective. I’ve included a number of videos below for those who wish to look into it. Some of you don’t even need to. You get it and saw this happen before. Others may be new and still piecing together the activities of the deep state psychopaths.

A recent update from Trevor Winchell’s website included this grim reminder that we are targets and much of the carnage on this planet is no accident.  No one wants to alarm the masses so it is glazed over and only those paying attention realize the stark reality. Link to website with a message about the return of the Light.  If we were not protected we would have been eliminated long ago but it’s a lengthy war.

A key quotation from Rothschild says:

If we go down, we will take you all with us.

Over the years we have presented the evidence from many fires with almost identical signatures. In Colorado’s Denver area of Waldo Canyon in Colorado Springs in 2013 we saw the same white ash but trees left standing. Almost nothing recognizable remains in the homes. It’s twisted steel and concrete foundations. Burned automobiles. Of course there were fires in the forest to cover for the carnage they would create in the developments.

Some of these videos have very long advertisements at the beginning that you can’t skip or fast forward. I wonder why.

Here’s Waldo Canyon. A motorcycle melted into the ground yet children’s plastic toys still recognizable. What burns metal but not plastic? Microwaves?

Here’s Paradise, California where we originally saw people were incinerated in their vehicles trying to escape the canyon. Too gruesome for viewing, but here is enough to see the similarities to the 9/11 event and other catastrophic burns.

A similar situation occurred in Malibu, CA, as well. In the videos I saw freeways littered with cars, trucks, and boats on fire and no route to be found for the fire to get there. No access point. How did it get onto a freeway? What made cars catch fire when there were no trees burning nearby?

Check out this video from activist John Knox with a home that burned only 2/3 of the way through and the remainder is untouched.

Now helicopter footage from the December 31st fire in Boulder County, Colorado. The Tesla dealership burned, too. Somehow the fire flew across the tarmac and roads and decided to burn the building. It’s mesmerizing material and I couldn’t stop watching. 54 minutes. No audio.

Here’s some valuable perspective from former Navy SEAL Michael Jaco and Patty Greer who tie it into the deep state, energy weapons [DEW], HAARP, etc. The psychopaths control the weather and with technology they can generate massive devastation. Loss of life is inevitable, so getting out of denial is key so we can protect ourselves.

This is one more example of why we might want to have a bug-out bag handy at all times. These incendiary crises accelerate rapidly. I suppose it’s a miracle in itself that people were warned to evacuate at all.

They also discuss the idea that “they” are spraying us with pathogens via the chemtrails and infecting large numbers of people in target markets.

It’s Patty’s view that since they couldn’t stop us from celebrating Christmas, they shut down the airlines and cancelled flights, etc. They couldn’t stop us from celebrating New Year’s Eve so they generated these fires. There were fires in Patagonia, Argentina, as well, and a fire at a pier in Kazakhstan.

Worse case scenario, they speak of “spontaneous combustion” of people whose bodies contain metals, etc. from chemtrails and other evil schemes designed to take us out, as well as the suspected contamination of the nasal swabs for testing with Morgellon’s. It’s best to remain a “pure blood” for many reasons.

Québec, Canada is on board with squelching our festivities. They put a curfew in place for Dec. 31 at 10 pm to 5 am January 1 to keep people from celebrating. They also chained and locked goalie nets together on the ice rinks so kids couldn’t play hockey. Outdoor hockey. These people are sick.

The Quebec government has locked together hockey goals to prevent children from playing outdoor hockey. pic.twitter.com/7XyF0sPFyq

— Marie Oakes (@TheMarieOakes) January 2, 2022

The two latest updates I saw on those who tested positive for the plague are Whoopi Goldberg and the Swedish Royals.

To stay well…

Hydroxychloroquine 200mg a day for 5 days as a loading dose and then 200mg twice a week or ivermectin 0.2mg/kg twice a week


Quercetin 500mg a day

Vitamin D3 5000iu a day

Vitamin C 1000mg a day

Zinc 25mg a day


Or you could order Dr. Zelenko’s Z-Stack immune booster. Beware of fake websites.

There’s so much more I could say but I wanted to get this out to you while I had some time to myself. On the weekend life will return to normal when our house guest returns to the great white gulag.

Mica is doing well and continues to expand his walks but still needs to take rests as traveling at high speeds on three legs takes a lot of energy. He really wants his life to get back to normal. I came in from outside on New Year’s day after we removed the chairs blocking the staircase and he had his front feet on the first step. The chairs are now back at the foot of the staircase. Poor Mica.

Some of you asked about the miracle-worker who is literally saving Mica. Dr. Marilyn Chernoff is a naturopath-allergist who only works on patients who are open and willing to receive and heal through energetic adjustments. We all have free will, after all. I felt Mica is one of those souls and he is. He has responded well.

Dr. Marilyn is highly skilled and experienced, obviously, and chooses to help where she can make the biggest difference and can’t take on all clients. You can call her office and ask questions. Her website is under construction but the main office number is 877 222 9146.

I highly recommend folks investigate the protocol established by Devi S. Numbudripad and the NAET network.


I have experienced some aspects of it in the past and it is mind-blowing if you are unfamiliar with this kind of healing. There are many chiropractors and other practitioners worldwide who use this same protocol. This is new world healing, not the old ways that aren’t about healing at all. It’s about getting to the root of a problem and eliminating it, not treating symptoms and applying Band-aides.

The new world currently birthing for us is going to be unrecognizable. Hang in there, everyone.

Thanks to the crew for all the support and for keeping the comments going. Ciao for now, and Happy New Year to one and all.  ~ BP


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