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  • European gas prices have hit another record in Wednesday’s trading, exceeding $960 per 1,000 cubic meters, as EU countries continue to argue over boosting Russian gas supplies via the recently completed Nord Stream 2 pipeline. The price of the October futures on the Dutch TTF exchange jumped by 20% in mere minutes, exceeding $875.84 by 8:00 GMT. Some time later, it exceeded $900 and, by 11:00 GMT, had reached $964.
  • Russian officials are waiting for an answer after presenting the American ambassador with a dossier on purported examples of US attempts to interfere in the country’s upcoming elections, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said. The charges, he said, relate to the refusal of US tech companies to block access to prohibited content. Last week, Russia’s digital watchdog, Roskomnadzor, issued a sternly worded warning to companies like Apple and Google, as well as VPN service providers Cloudflare and Cisco, in which it said the firms were violating the country’s election laws.
  • Fifteen years ago today, failed US presidential candidate, Al Gore, released what can be best described as a scare movie called ‘An Inconvenient Truth: The Planetary Emergency of Global Warming And What We Can Do About It’. The movie was a global hit and Gore won an Oscar; he also received the Nobel Peace Prize. Gore had succeeded in making global warming sexy. Everyone wanted to get in on the act to show how eco-friendly they were, particularly celebrities. And everyone else had to sign up to the agenda because, as we still hear so often today, “the science is settled.” In 2007, the High Court of England and Wales ruled that the film contained nine scientific inaccuracies relating to “the context of alarmism and exaggeration.”
  • Pyongyang has fired two unidentified projectiles from its east coast into the Sea of Japan, according to South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Japanese Coast Guard. The projectiles, alleged to be ballistic missiles, appear to have landed outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone, according to the coast guard. Neither Japanese authorities, nor the South Korean military, have shared additional details about the suspected launch.
  • Robotic Russian fighting machines fired anti-armor missiles and let rip with mounted flamethrowers on Monday, while their operators sat in safety away from the battlefield, in colossal drills attended by President Vladimir Putin. In footage released by the country’s Ministry of Defense, two models of unmanned fighting vehicles showed off their capabilities and armaments, practicing turning fire on a simulated enemy during the Zapad-2021 joint exercises.
  • Speaking at a meeting hosted by Washington think-tank The Brookings Institution on Monday, Vice Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff General John E. Hyten warned of the risks if conflicts spiral out of control, and expressed hope that cooler heads can prevail. “We never fought the Soviet Union,” he said. “As for the great powers, our goal is to never go to war with China and Russia.” According to Hyten, such an event would “destroy the world and the global economy. It will be bad for everyone, and we have to ensure that we do not go down that path.” However, the general went on, previous deals between Moscow and NATO after the fall of the USSR concluded “Russia was not a threat any more.” At the same time, however, he alleges that the Russians were “modernizing their entire nuclear arsenal.
  • The mayor of the city of Hudson in Ohio has issued an ultimatum to its school board, calling on its members to either resign or face possible criminal charges over high school course material that he labelled “child pornography.” Both Mayor Craig Shubert and parents of Hudson High School students demanded the resignation of school board members and teachers, after it was alleged that the book – titled ‘642 Things to Write About’ – was being used by students in a senior College Credit Plus class called ‘Writing in the Liberal Arts II’. It apparently contained prompts that ask students to “describe your favorite part of a man’s body using only verbs,” “write a sex scene you wouldn’t show your mom,” and “describe a time when you wanted to orgasm but couldn’t.”
  • The Los Angeles Police Department is apparently more spiritual than anyone imagined, as more than 2,600 employees reportedly plan to pursue religious exemptions to the city’s Covid-19 vaccine mandate. In addition to those seeking religious waivers, more than 350 plan to seek medical exemptions to the jab order, the Los Angeles Times reported on Monday, citing a city official with access to the data.
  • An upcoming book by two Washington Post writers, just leaked to the corporate press, seeks to paint General Mark Milley as a hero of the resistance to President Donald Trump. If any of it is true, it amounts to an actual coup. Excerpts from ‘Peril’, due to be published in a week, appeared on Tuesday on CNN and in the Washington Post, which employs its two authors – Robert Costa and Bob Woodward, of Watergate fame. It claims to be based on more than 200 interviews with “firsthand participants and witnesses” of the last three months of Trump’s presidency. The coverage in corporate outlets dovetails neatly with their institutional bias against the Trump presidency and their established narrative about the 2020 election, the January 6 ‘insurrection’ at the US Capitol, and the ‘resistance’ of career bureaucrats and ‘deep state’ institutions to “rogue” Trump. In their telling, Milley – the US Army general who chairs the Joint Chiefs of Staff, emerged as the hero who saved the day, coordinating with the CIA, the NSA, top Democrats, and even his Chinese counterpart to ‘protect’ America from an unhinged president.
  • At the age of 15, together with two other girls, Begum fled Britain and travelled to Syria in order to join one of the most brutal terrorist groups in modern history. In 2019, she voiced her desire to return to the UK, but the Home Office revoked her citizenship, citing national security grounds, a move that polarised the country. Ex-Daesh* Bride Shamima Begum has asked the British public to allow her to stand trial in the UK, begging the nation for forgiveness yet again. “Just give me a second chance. Honestly, the only crime I think I committed was being dumb enough to come to Isis, and even that can be refuted because I was 15 when I came, and you can’t, you know, judge a 15-year-old for making a mistake which he or she very quickly regretted making”, she told the TV show “Good Morning Britain” during a live interview.
  • Earth’s magnetic field appears to be going through some bizarre changes, with its magnetic north pole shifting from the Canadian Arctic towards Siberia, and the flipping seems to be accelerating, raising concerns of a possible geomagnetic reversal, according to the journal Astronomy. The speed of the north pole shift has reportedly risen up to 30 miles per year (48 kilometres per year). This wouldn’t be the first geomagnetic reversal, as Earth has switched its magnetic poles at least ten times over the last 2.6 million years, with the most recent taking place some 780,000 years ago. Consequently, many scientists believe the planet is long overdue for another switch.
  • Some 66 million years ago, dinosaurs ruled the Earth but with the sudden impact of a massive asteroid, the reign of the dinos came to an end. What followed was a mass extinction event where 75% of all life withered away. One of the surprising victors of this ecological disaster was the lowly snake. Capable of going without food for months and finding solace underground, in freshwater, and on forest floors, the snake was uniquely suited to the suddenly hostile environment. Now, millions of years later, snakes have become one of the most successful and diverse suborders on Earth.
  • Facebook claims its rules are applied equally, but new documents reveal that a small group of celebrities is given special privileges. Facebook claims its rules are applied equally, but new documents reveal that a small group of celebrities is given special privileges. Also, Twitter has dodged an election meddling complaint regarding the suppression of the Hunter Biden corruption scandal.
  • An international team of scientists led by experts from the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (NRNU MEPhI) were the first to demonstrate the recently predicted quantum electrodynamics effect. According to the authors, the results could improve the efficiency of solar cells, organic LEDs, and other photovoltaic equipment by several times. An exciton is a quasiparticle, an auxiliary object of quantum theory, that describes the behaviour of a bound state of a pair of carriers of opposite charges – an electron and a hole. The concept of the exciton, as explained by MEPhI scientists, allows us to describe with high precision, for example, the electrical properties of organic semiconductors during interaction with light.
  • Spread over an are of about 70 square km, Panna District in India is known for its diamond mines that are famed all over the world. Its diamond reserves are estimated to be 1.2 million carats. The rich source is attributed to volcanic eruptions that occurred hundred of centuries ago in this region. Four diamond miners in India’s Madhya Pradesh state were left delighted and amazed recently as they dug out an 8.22 carat diamond from a mine. Ratanlal Prajapati, who found the diamond, told reporters that he and his associates had spent the past 15 years quarrying in various mines in an attempt to find diamonds.

News Burst 16 September 2021

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