Manifesting a 5D business -Sept.16, 2021

What are your intentions?
Have you asked yourself this question? Seriously.
Is your intention to make lots of money and live a good life? Are your intentions focused on designer clothes, expensive travels, luxury resorts, and high life?I’m not judging, I’m asking you. I will clarify further.
When you go into the bathroom and look into the mirror, can you find yourself there?
If you had free choice, if you could be whoever you wanted to be, if you could do whatever you wanted to do and if you could stop doing what you do because you don’t love it, you don’t like it and you might even hate it…
You actually do have free choice, you know? It’s called free-will universe.
But so many either take the easy way out for the money or are unhappy and depressed in their jobs for an entire lifetime and others don’t even try…
Pretending never served anyone.
Wearing a mask never served anyone.
Fear of being this or that never served anyone.
If you do not love yourself the way you are, the way you live, the way you work, the way you think, NOBODY ELSE WILL.
Let all the masks fall and become your authentic self.
What is it that you would LOVE doing?
How can you be of service to the peoples of earth?
These two questions you should write on a piece of paper and hang it in front of your eyes until you have both answers.
Find out what you LOVE doing and then see how anyone could benefit from you doing exactly that!
This is how it works.
Forget about the law of attraction or you will wait forever to attract! Haven’t you noticed that yet?
Yes, a positive attitude is always a winner and everything will run more smoothly and successfully than when you’re not in a high vibration. But this process IS what a high vibration entails!!!
You can read all the books and even write a few but as long as you are not your authentic self true success and happiness will never come.
What is it that you would LOVE doing?
How can that be of service to the peoples of earth?
This is how 5D business works. This is how financial abundance is created.
This should be your only intention.
All the luxury and accessories will come on their own.
Let go of your masks.
Step out of your comfort zone.
The easy way out will never work in the long run.
None judges you but you.
Make a list. Write down all the things you love doing on one side and on the other side you write down the things you are good at.
Do this exercise for a few days and see what comes from it, read it out loud for yourself, and read it to someone smart, not necessarily someone you love!
When it comes to business ask the smart ones who are good at making money, never ever ask those who aren’t.
I love you. We are family of light.
A’HOAurora RayAmbassador of the Galactic Federation

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. 5D life? Travel the word? With what money? When you have to supplement your job earnings AND social security with selling your plasma to cover regular simple household bills(food,phone,electric) it doesn’t compute. Forget going to dentist or even out of town. Weary of hearing about people who have been able to buy money from other countries and buy crypto currency. Why are the poor reading about others who are getting all this wealth. I would love just to have a vacation….69 years old and never been on a vacation. Other than that I enjoy your daily publications.


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