An Exercise To Heal – AYA – Pleiadian Collective Sept. 10, 2021



Precious Beloved Ones!

Come Close To My Heart.

Sit With Me Now.

Tell Me What You Feel.

Whisper The Ways I Can Help You!

I Want You To Know You Are Cherished And So Loved!


What Have You Created In These Moments To Nourish Your Soul?

This Can Be As Simple As You Wish.

Maybe You Smiled At A Stranger That Seemed To Be Struggling As They Stood In Line.


Maybe You Took The Chance To Open A Conversation And Learned That Person Has Just Lost A Family Member, A Friend Or A Pet.

When You Are Kind, You Raise Your Vibrational Frequency And Nourish Your Sacred Soul.

You Are This Infinite Soul Of Light.


The Disguise You Wear As The Human Personality You Chose Will Fade Over The Waking Dream In Perfect Sequence For Your Renewal Of Body Form.

All Of The Variations Of Forms Are Perfect To Interact And Learn, As Well As Bump Into One Another Head First As You Decide Who Must Be Right And Who Has To Be Wrong.

All Is Well As You Are Here To Learn, Grow, Love, Expand, Teach And Play Roles For One Another.


Come Closer, Beloved Ones, As I Tell You In Truth, This Waking Dream Will End In Celebration.

It Does Not Matter If Press Conferences Are Like Cartoons And A President Cannot Know He Is A Puppet.

It Does Not Matter That Everyone Contradicts Everyone Else In Government.

All Will Change!


There Are Moments When You Feel Change Hurts In Your Personal Experience.

You Must Pass Through The Doors And Allow Change.

When You Allow A Space For What Is Leaving, Something Better Is On The Way!

Believe This.

Be Grateful For This Before You See It Manifest.


Think In Love, Believe In Love And This Will Always Bring Peace To Your Precious Heart.

Your Soul Will Expand And Move To The Next Path Of The Journey.


Come Even Closer.

I Will Teach You An Exercise To Heal You NOW.

You Might Find Tears Flowing.

You Might Think This Is Silly And Will Not Work.

But Find A Place That Is Quiet And Try This!

It Will Release Bliss Into Your Being If You Continue Until Joy Covers You!


Simply Say ‘I Love You (Say A Person’s Name)’.


Over And Over People Will Come To Your Mind That You Feel Lots Of Love For And No Love For At All.

Maybe Someone From Your Past, Someone That Hurt You, An Old Friend, A School Teacher, A Pet, Anyone, Anywhere!


As You Move Through The Exercise With The Intention Of Feeling Love, Your Higher Self Will Remind You Of Lots That You Still Have Not Forgiven And It Is Difficult To Say, I Love You!

Stay It Without Pause, And You Will Release So Much Pain, Love Will Come Forth, You Will Heal, And You Will Be Released Of So Much!


Tears Are Sacred So Let Them Flow.

Only You Will Know If You Have Completed This Magnificent Work.

You Will Reap The Benefits, Beloved Ones!

I Want You To Know That You Are Always In My Awareness.

You Are The Light Of This Planet!

Love One Another!


Let’s Prepare The Next Phase Of Our Existence Together As ONE.

I Am The Heart Of The Divine Feminine.

This Essence Covers And Comforts You!

I Hold You Closely And Whisper Softly, I Love You So!

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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