9:9: Venus / Inanna At Gate of Communication at Throat Chakra with New Moon and Spica ~ Sept. 10, 2021


Pure Ones

Number 9-9 carries the highest vibration of the Trinity, a vibration of Completion of karmic lessons and movement into Wholeness and Fulfillment and thus a Transcendence into a New Spiral of Evolution of Consciousness and Ascension. 9 represents the completion of the gestation period of a human foetus and the beginning of its Human Incarnation (transformation). 9 is the Sacred Number dedicated to the Goddess called Navratris ( in Sanatan Dharam/ Hinduism) celebrating Parvati/ Saraswati and Kali / Durga as the Triple Forces of Creation, Preservation and Ultimate destruction of Evil to birth a new reality .

9 is the proverbial Phoenix that rises anew from its own ashes after its Shamanic Death to its old identity. It is this aspect of 9 , the Transcendence / Transformation into a higher ascension spiral of consciousness of one’s Souls Purpose that opens the Gates for Venus/ Inanna at Gates of Communication. Spica-And then there is the aspect of Spica, cosmic Twin of Venus and Keeper of the Sacred Feminine Mysteries and Brightest star/ symbol of Sovereignty of the Virgin Priestess Constellation. On a superficial level ,Spica represents the Divine Feminine aspect of Abundance/ harvest/ birthing the New / age/ Horus / Persephone as Ceres/ Demeter / Isis or more appropriately “you reap as you Sow” however if one is to dive deeper, Spica is the Bridge of Transcendence that Unites the Polar opposites Masculine/ Feminine, Spirit / Matter, Divine Consciousness / Human awareness. Spica births the Priestess/ Priest ie the bridge / key into higher awareness/ consciousness in order to manifest a New Reality. Transcendence is supported by the pillars of Sovereignty .

And thus supported by the two pillars of Transcendence and Sovereignty , No 9 and Spica, Venus/ Inanna enters the 5th gate of Communication on its ascent journey to regain her crown as Queen of Heaven and earth as the Gemini Metagoddess. Venus Inanna retrieves her Lapis Lazuli Necklace at her Throat symbolising her ascent into greater Perception via Listening / gleaning the Truth (filtering the Divine Wisdom from the lies/ illusions/ ego voice) and simultaneously embodying the Courage to give Voice to this Truth with compassion.

Look towards the western evening sky at dusk on 9;9 to see Venus Conjunct the New Moon as you state your intentions to be the Courageous Voice of your sovereign Truth that supports not only you but also the many Voices that are being threatened into silence by political and religious laws favouring the Rule of Patriarchy not only in the Eastern world but also in the so called “advanced Western World”.

The Presence of Spica will bring the alchemy of magic to “amplify” these intentions. Recently An Intense Shamanic Death and Rebirth was orchestrated for me personally where I passed through the 7 gates of the Underworld into the Temple of The Womb of Mother Isis-Hathor-Gaia on 8;8 / Heliacal of Sirius – First Gate of the LionsGateway and then died an intense Shamanic Death on the Second Lions gate Portal of the Sun- Regulus Conjunct (which interestingly is linked to the Ascension of Mother Mary according to some schools of thought,while others ascribe it to Spica- sun conjunction) on 22-23August which also happened to be the 2nd Full moon / Blue Moon in Aquarius.

And finally it was on the Dark Moon of Leo on 6th September, the 3rd final Gate of the LionsGateway that I Was shown the path of my Shamanic Rebirth and Transcendence . Though physically weakened by this whole process and the strong need to incubate ,I find it interesting that yesterday my Throat Chakra began Clearing and today morning as Venus / Inanna Is poised to enter the Gateway of Communication I was given the Guidance to once again realign with my Path and Purpose, with My VOICE ……and let The Universe Find the Highest Path of Fruition.

The recent heartbreaking events worldwide especially with respect to the repression of the feminine Rights and Voice had me doubting the value of my posts which primarily aim for the Resurrection of the Sovereign Divine Feminine Energy for the Birth of the Ascended Child/ New Age. Indeed it seemed farcical in the face of these recent events….But as I connected with the Divine today morning I felt the energetic spark in my throat chakra along with the guidance that the Transcendence of The Ages ( end of the Pisces age and beginning of the Aquarian age) meant (Shamanic) Death would rain upon us via challenges of Fire and Water and that is exactly the stimulus needed for the Transcendence/ transformation of the Feminine as the Fierce Feminine, armed and resilient ,with the sword of Courage, Truth and Faith as it is this aspect of the Warrior feminine that will Resurrect/ Transform the Masculine so that Both may then birth the New Age of Light/ Horus.

Our Intentions, Our Truth, Our Voice , Our Faith and Trust in our Inner Sovereign Guidance and Wisdom to Birth The Resurrection of Light …These are our Swords of Light, our weapons that we must wield as embodiments of the Fierce Feminie – Sekhmet/ Durga / Kali …the aspect that destroys the Old so that the New may Birth. This is Our Path and Purpose , our reason for Incarnation. Wish you a Powerful month long Gateway of Communication , May Your Truth pierce the Veils of Patriarchal Control and Domination and the Sacred Femine emerge Victorious, Free and Empowered.

EnLight ,InGrace, InJoy Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na https://isischannelings.wordpress.com/

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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