Your Sunday Digest for August 29, 2021: Watch Your Six [videos] ~ August 29, 2021

Can you feel the tension? The storms are building on many fronts but I can see the sun on the other side.

You can’t free an entire planet from demons without danger or damage and the Patriots will do what is necessary to protect Human life.

U.S. thwarts second Kabul airport suicide bombing as pull-out deadline nears

Today in Milan, Italy where protests have been taking place… a major apartment fire.

This is odd. What’s burning, exactly? Normally high rise buildings don’t burn, and if they do, they burn a long time without sustaining much damage or losing structural integrity. We saw one in Dubai, just as one example, burn all night and it was still standing next day.

Huge fire breaks out at a high-rise apartment block in Italy’s Milan, according to local authorities.

Video online appears to show the whole glass face of the building totally engulfed in flames and smoke.

Subscribe to RT – Link to Telegram.

🇮🇹Huge fire breaks out at a high-rise apartment block in Italy’s Milan, according to local authorities.

Video online appears to show the whole glass face of the building totally engulfed in flames and smoke.#Italy #ita

— The RAGEX (@theragex) August 29, 2021

Hurricane Ida is forecast to be a doozie. They really blew this one up, folks and a state of emergency has been declared.

Ida is now forecast to be the STRONGEST hurricane to ever hit Louisiana with winds of 155mph. Katrina had winds of 125mph at landfall.

Check out this dramatic eye of Ida footage on Telegram.

Maybe something… maybe nothing, but Lin Wood has been posting “dog comms”. Link to Telegram.

And look… a death. Link to Telegram.

It’s sad to hear that Robert David Steel had passed away yesterday. My condolences to his family. May Robert David Steel rest in peace.

I find this highly amusing as Robert David Steele, shithead and traitor that he is, put out a Telegram a few months ago saying Nicholas Veniamin had been found dead in his apartment. He didn’t even acknowledge it as a mistake or apologize.

Looks like Nick got the last laugh. I wonder if it’s true. I hate to say it, but I hope it is, because this “former CIA” clown is a real POS and doesn’t deserve to be here or to be considered a patriot. That comes from my personal experience with him as well as what I have observed him to do in his relationships with others.

In an interview, Trump said, “Something good is going to happen” which, in Gematria, presents interesting possibilities.

Mr. Pool has posted this concerning John McAfee, which is always interesting as John has so much dirt on the cabal…

— looP rM (@1127_113Mr_Pool) August 28, 2021

We need something good, because what is coming for the ones with their heads in the sand is going to be very ugly. Dismantling the Cabal on Telegram has been posting some very truthful and dark web-sort of material. If you scroll up or down, you’ll get an eyeful of nasty stuff interspersed with other.

Jetson White posted a Q&A show he did recently and had interesting conversations about how he sees things from, I believe, a real Star Seed perspective. He’s a delightful character and definitely has unique information, but it also jibes with that of Yellow Rose for Texas, for example. 1 hr. 11 min.

High Vibes Up Q&A with Jetson White

The following might be one of David Icke’s best podcasts. He reviews for those who are new, as to how the scamdemic began and how they used their smoke and mirrors to materialize a threat out of thin air, how they killed so many innocents with drugs, and then goes into more detail about the dangers of the prick in the arm and their plans for the future. Video on his website at the link below. 1 hr 7 min.

How They Are Killing You And Calling It ‘Covid’ – David Icke Dot-Connector Videocast

Investigative journalist John Solomon on Telegram posted the following yesterday.

John Solomon, [28.08.21 16:45]
It’s time.


Join @jSolomonReports

The Gematria of the corrected phrase is very interesting.

Just a heads up—we’ve seen the tractors in the Netherlands, heard about the truckers’ planned civil disobedience in OZ, but it could mushroom. This is a snippet a friend sent from Telegram. Tuesday, August, 31st. Just sayin’.

Truckers in America has had it, they are planning to protest and shut everything down. Go shop and prepare yourselves in America. It’s not only the Aussies who are doing it. The Americans are joining in on August 31st.

We’ve warned for years that any number of situations could cause supply chain disruptions, bank closures, etc. Trump declared September “National Preparedness Month” right after he took office so there is no excuse for us not to be prepared for issues due to weather, tyranny, martial law, or anything else. Just do it and be a responsible patriot so you can relax and be in a position to help others who may really need it. Food, water, meds, pet supplies, cash, fuel, batteries, candles, a generator if applicable. Keep your gas tanks above half at all times. I’m kind of glad my other half just bought a pit barrel cooker. Ribs were awesome.

What will happen in America? What NEEDS to happen?

Even the Swiss are on their feet this weekend.

Switzerland: the people are standing up for their freedom

— Osler (@osler78) August 28, 2021

It’s behind the scenes, but the Human Trafficking epidemic is the one the world should be focused on.

Isn’t it ironic that this publication would point out Obama’s initiative when he is one of the worst perverts, and they don’t mention Trump’s early Executive Order after he took office was to take it to the next level, to seize assets? He also ensured they changed the law for capital punishment so they would deliver the death penalty to those engaging in or supporting Human Rights abuse which is Human trafficking, torture, etc.

47 People Rescued in 12-State Human Trafficking Sting

JFK Jr. is more and more frequently in the news. Coincidence? Not a chance.

There are no coincidences, and the news anchors are at least sometimes controlled, in my opinion. There are those who try to tell us the Patriots are not controlling the media but that’s because they don’t want to spoil the psyop.

A few thoughts and evidence for you to consider…

Who controls the media? We heard a number of people tossing this around and while I agree that an occasional slip could occur, there have been too many, and too many unbelievable ones to take it seriously. They are a wink to the awakened, in my opinion. Do they talk about the covid scam amongst themselves as a “plandemic”? No, I don’t think so. Do they really say people need to “spread their legs” instead of stretch them? That’s a stretch for me to buy into. I think it’s military humour.

Fox put out the Ruth Bader Ginsberg obit and said it was a mistake when we all know it could not be. Who puts obits together before someone dies and airs it to millions of people?! It’s outrageous—but purposeful. We got the message. She officially died then, despite the cabal propping her up, hiring body doubles, and pretending she was still hard at work on the Supreme Court long afterward. When we heard she’d had multiple serious cancer surgeries that most people would be hard pressed to survive, never mind someone of her age… come on. We’re not stupid.

Listen to what ABC said in the video below about Hillary Clinton’s death. The video begins with the now-famous September 11 footage of Hillary Clinton falling into a black SUV while surrounded by secret service.

We are reasonably certain she was arrested at that point because she was definitely replaced by a body double immediately afterward, but did you hear the scuttlebutt that JFK Jr. was in that vehicle and the shock caused her collapse?

That’s very possible too, because I believe he would want to witness her arrest, and I believe he would be afforded that opportunity since it was she and her team that assassinated his father and uncle. Justice has been unfolding quietly behind the scenes to keep the peace.

Hillary & JFK Jr’s Reunion – Redemption is Coming

And what about the “slip” Gov. John Kasich Made in the Anderson Cooper discussion where he said John McCain was put to death? McCain’s own daughter said it, as well. If they didn’t want that info out they would have censored it. This video wouldn’t still be on YouTube.

These “slips” are for us, to show us Justice is being done so the People don’t take to the streets with torches and pitchforks and cause a civil war. The White Hats knew this process would take a long time and don’t want us despondent. Sadly, some patriots have already given up.

If Fox is on the side of the dark, why pay people who tell the blatant truth like Sean Hannity [who also has worn a CIA and Q ‘punisher pin’] and Tucker Carlson as well as the Juan Williams and other obvious deep state shills etc? Because they are part of the plan; the education process. They don’t want to lose viewers—they want as many as possible. The cabal has used the media to tell people what to think for decades. Now the patriots are undoing the damage and telling them the truth.

If Fox had all patriots or all Trump haters they would lose a large chunk of the audience. To look real, there has to be commentary from both sides, but it seems like they are slowly dropping the leftist commentators. Adding Kayleigh McEnany was strategic, don’t you think? Greg Gutfeld has been ruthless in his remarks, as well. Tucker and Sean ridicule all the time. It would not be permitted if the cabal didn’t want it out there unless they are not in control.

Speaking of Kayleigh, in the Jetson White Q&A video above, a caller spoke of another show with Scott McKay where they said Kayleigh, Joshua Kennedy and Ezra Cohen-Watnick are John and Carolyn Kennedy’s kids. I didn’t know there was a Joshua Kennedy, and I haven’t done the math, but it’s possible, I suppose. Do they mean this guy? It could also be disinformation. I have already said I believe Kayleigh is their daughter.

Gene Decode told us the significance of “covfefe” and it has to do with the composition of adrenochrome or something like that—Fe being iron on the table of elements.

There have been other instances where “slips” are just not credible as slips. There was an anchor who referred to the jab as part of the “extermination” agenda. I don’t believe for a second it was a mistake. President Trump has purposely used odd words many times. It’s code. I DO believe the Patriots are in control and this process is going to take a toll on some who are weakened physically and who haven’t the spiritual stamina to withstand the storm.

They have to speak to us through the media, Trump, his family, his close administration, Twitter, Telegram, his rallies, and we have to take responsibility for reading between the lines, doing the Gematria, painting by the Numbers, and “learning the comms” as Q advised.504 Jan 07, 2018 10:46:19 PM EST Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: f946c4 No. 21153  WE ARE TALKING DIRECTLY TO THIS BOARD. LEARN OUR COMMS. Q

That’s enough for today. Prepare, keep spirits high, and Humanity will come through in the crunch. We were made for this and have incredible leadership if we will just recognize it for what it is. When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Are you ready?

Expect the storms and don’t let appearances psych you out. We’ve got this.

For more material check out the many links and info the crew shares below each post in the comments. Ciao for now, my friends.  ~ BP

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