ISIS Channelings ~ May 13, 2021

Inanna’s Gateway of Manifestation: This is Your Rebirth via your 5 SENSES to align with the Nebulous and Divine Truth and finally Unveil IT!!

Venus/ Inanna meets the crescent Taurus moon at the Gateway of Manifestation at Root chakra today May 12, as she begins her Ascent through the evening sky as the Evening Star (Earlier post). Having died to her previous self in the underworld :the ego identities , the masks and veils, the false stories and conditionings and all that which kept her separated from her Divinity , Light and Truth ….She is Ready to Ascend as an authentic representation of her True self .

If there is one key word/ energy that comes to mind at this phase is it “MOTHER”/ The Empress . Ever since She rose from the underworld, Venus has been hovering in close proximity to the Pleiades. Irrespective of the cultural reference we subscribe to, Pleiades always represents the Energy of The Mother; The Krittika Sisters (Hindu mythology)/ The Hathors (Egyptian mythology). Pleiades is the Portal that birthed us into a human incarnation on this Earthly journey of many lifetimes.

The Moon is a waxing crescent in Taurus at this first gateway. Taurus too is associated with the Cow Goddess Hathor…the Mother of Mothers, The very embodiment of Fertility, rejuvenation, renewal, nourishment and life force energy!!

Thus the energy of The Mother/ The Empress of tarot ie Fertility, LifeForce and New beginnings underlined at this Gateway of manifestation at Root Chakra. It is here that Inanna/ Venus retrieves her Royal Red Robe representative of her Life Force Energy and highest expression of her True Self. As her emanations this gateway is an Initiation into developing a deeper connection with our body, with nature, with Mother Earth and all her Creations (flowers, trees, crystals , minerals, animals etc etc) so that we may be more grounded and connected with the Life Force Energy of All That Is , for only then can we dive into and enjoy the Earthly aspects of manifesting Abundance, Love, Safety and Security in our Life, Work, Health and Relationships.

BUT BUT….this New Moon journey culminates in a Lunar Eclipse on the 26 of May. Hence it does not represent a cakewalk initiation into Manifestation of that which we require as Physical Entities .Hathor Energy here is initiating your PERCEPTION of TRUTH and your VOICE of TRUTH. You are being invited to look beyond the din and noise that is being pushed into your face as Truth… are being invited to FEEL into the Truth of what is unfolding presently!!! LOOK beyond the Ugliness to see the PEARLS that are beginning to reveal themselves. See where the apparent shimmer and shine of Patriarchy is beginning to develop cracks and rust …and witness how the feminine Mother energy of Compassion and Empathy and Love are wriggling into the solid pillars of Patriarchy to “corrode” the tainted structures from “within “ so that it may finally shed its shiny albeit tainted exterior and find anchorage and balance in the Fierce but Nurturing Energies of The MOTHER.

It is also an Initiation to BE the Voice of the Truth….Not the truth gleaned from the External….but The Truth you Witness, Feel and Experience. You are being Initiated into the 5 sense anew so that the manipulation and its restrictive chains are exposed …via Your VOICE…Your TRUTH…Your ACTIVISM….Your INITIATIVE..

This is Your Rebirth , via your 5 SENSES ….via FIRE in your blood, Soul Searing Truths in your Tears and sweat (WATER), hum of Integrity and Leadership in your Breath and Voice (AIR) , Sovereignty of your Womb/ Body/ Bones (EARTH) so that You may align with the Nebulous and Divine Truth (SPIRIT) and finally Unveil IT!!

As stated before , this Gemini Cycle of Venus 2020-2022 ( the first cycle in her brand new 8 year cycle from 2020-2028) is a BRIDGE to take us into the Energy of the MOTHER/ EMPRESS….The CREATIX. We do not begin creating till 2022…for we are still in the process of tearing down and uprooting the structural foundations of the Old .

EnLight ,



Be The Change You Want To See


Sa Kei Na

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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