April 6, 2021: Setting the Stage & Watching the Chess Board [videos] ~ April 6, 2021

It’s happening… a series of scheduled, key events are unfolding if you’re paying attention. We can expect false flag events from the demonic left—particularly mass shootings because they’re still trying to disarm Americans. If they can’t do that—they’re toast. They also believe that they can intimidate us into stopping this eradication of the pestilence plaguing our planet. If they can’t do that, they vowed to take down as many of us with them as they could.

They like to attack the military. This took place today in Maryland, and partly at an army base.

Live Updates: Navy medic shoots 2 people, then is shot and killed on base in Maryland

The general election last year is under attack and from Mike Lindel, Lin Wood, General Flynn, and Trump, we are hearing it will be overturned and exposed for what it was. This is today’s statement from 45. Keep reading to see how this is connected to the FF above.

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America: pic.twitter.com/K2gcK0GcFx

— RSBN 🇺🇸 (@RSBNetwork) April 6, 2021

A decode from Telegram regarding the above. Link to post.

It’s getting crazy on the other side of the world. Another ship stuck in the Suez. The Rumford. Link to post.

Got your popcorn? You just can’t make this up. Jeff Bezos’ yacht is there, too.

If you’re on Telegram and not following this channel below, you might want to do that if you’re watching the chess matches. They’re setting up this board now for the “war”.  Link to post.


It is reported that ⚓️🇺🇸 US Navy aircraft carrier strike group USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71) is heading to Guam, which means carriers from U.S. and Chinese may operate in the same area of the Western Pacific.


Did you learn the comms? CVN-71 = 17 = Q= White Hat operation. PANIC = Patriots Are Now In Control.

They spent 4 years setting it up, and soon they’ll use it again—Russia! Russia! Russia! Link to post.

BREAKING – Russia: Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov made a statement to the Russian press.

“We had contacts with Washington about the situation in the Donbass,” the deputy minister said in a statement. we told them in detail what was going on.”

Claiming that Ukraine has received support from the US-led countries and thus adopted a Defiant attitude, Ryabkov said:

“Washington administration should be concerned about the consequences of this policy.”

Russia is actually world champion in sending warnings – this is a indication of what will happen

They do refer to it as “theatre of war” for a reason. Enjoy the show. They’re taking table-top war games to a new level. It’s just real-ish.

Global financial reset, anyone? This is down under. The cabal’s illicit financial outlets will go offline and will NOT be connected to the new and intelligent Quantum Financial System. They will no longer be able to game the system.

A ‘cyber incident’ is causing disruption at the Country Club Casino

What they ARE telling us…

Australia’s casinos a hotspot for global money-laundering operations

Perhaps it’s related to this from Sky News last year:

‘Drugs, child exploitation and people trafficking concerns’ check Crown Casino opening

It will all come out. Link to post.

As a foil to the disgusting news that is ebbing and flowing about the perversions of the “elite” globalists running the world, we have to resort to silly humour.

And now, just as America is threatening to get back to normal… wait for it…

Big Media Spread Fears About a Fourth Wave Caused by a “Double Mutant” Covid Variant Found in the US (VIDEO)

Double mutant… 4th wave… Puh-leeze! This, when more than a dozen states are passing legislation to ban anti-constitutional mask mandates, fines, lockdowns, etc. Do they really think people believe this nonsense?

The comedy writers have stepped up to the plate. Enjoy the show.

Hugo feels the same way. Who can get past the hair on Boris, anyway? (Is it just me or are the people running the world turning into Muppets?) 3 min.

Enough Is Enough / Hugo Talks #lockdown

Canada is going through Freedom pains. We saw the deep state hard at work in Australia, Ireland, Wales, the UK, Spain, Israel, and now they are going full Nazi in Canada.

Up in the north forty, the government goons continue to terrorize the People but the elitests’ interests are of course exempt from the tyrannical restrictions.

In followup to the BC restaurant “Corduroy” forced to shut down after patrons told the “authorities” to “GET OUT!”, we have a Tweet that reveals one of the typical inconsistencies and hypocrisy of the communist regime.

Dr. Bonnie Henry is the Provincial Health Officer in British Columbia and it seems may have a vested interest in selective rules.

That Wikipedia profile above says nothing I could find of the Clos du Solei winery associated with Henry, however—which we hear is still open to indoor wining. Their website doesn’t publish their wine tasting room hours.

Who writes those Wikipedia pages? We know who. The ones who publish everything the establishment use to control the narrative and fabricate reality. Below is a PR piece.

Dr. Bonnie Henry is one of the owners of a Similkameen winery

FYI Wineries have a exception! You are still permitted to have indoor wine tasting in BC! If they are allowed, so why not this and other restaurants. Ohhh….did I forget to mention that possibly Dr. Bonnie is a co-owner in a winery in Keremeis 😕🤭😳🤑

— Don Histed (@diam_don) April 4, 2021

FINALLY Canadian business owners are playing hardball.

LIVE from Leamington, Ontario: “Family Kitchen” restaurant defies new lockdown orders and welcomes hundreds of customers. pic.twitter.com/I3l8R3EAb2

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) April 6, 2021

The commies are going after Kevin Annett aka Eagle Strong Voice again. Listen to this. Unbelievable—and clearly political persecution. Nothing new for Kevin—but he’s not backing down. Hold the line, Kevin. Common Law is “live” on planet Earth now, including in the Republic of Kanata.

Canadian politicians ordered to appear before Grand Jury; Kevin Annett issues Republic Summons

Canada Is Sending COVID-Positive Travelers to ‘Internment’ Facilities

The chicanery of this aspect of the New World Order agenda is simply outrageous yet has failed to produce the desired results in a significant portion of the population. They’re still compliant. What’s Plan B to wake up those mired in a trance they can’t detect so they can defeat the invisible enemy? An article expounds on our current dilemma.

Citizens Told Entry Into Society Requires A Pass

Statistics continue to trickle down about what appear to be Covid vaccine-related deaths; not from pneumonia or symptoms of what we might expect from a flu, but from serious conditions that develop out of the blue, post-immunization—from a pharmaceutical the world is told will keep them safe and return them to normal. Are people rushing out to get their vaccines aware of these deaths?

I don’t know why this sprang to mind or where these things come from but I’m in that kind of a mood so here goes…

This ” gene therapy” isn’t benign like the old Right Guard with the wacky neighbour on the other side of the looking glass telling us one “shot” and you’re good for the whole day. This is serious stuff administered by doctors, nurses, and experienced medical professions they tell us will alter our DNA permanently—and not in a good way. They may as well have a gun. The shots they’re giving are proving lethal if the information coming through is true. Mona!

The Covid vaccine is touted as gene-altering technology. “Gene therapy” is their glossy terminology like it’s the latest cure-all you’d see in a new-age health quarterly.

Another Italian Professor is Dead Following the AstraZeneca COVID Injection

Fortunately, the US is encouraging a healthier way to go and banning the BS. Governor Greg Abbott’s got it goin’ on with a new EO.

“Government should not require any Texan to show proof of vaccination and reveal private health information just to go about their daily lives. That is why I have issued an Executive Order that prohibits government-mandated vaccine passports in Texas.”https://t.co/qVeh5nRPog

— The HighWire (@HighWireTalk) April 6, 2021

LT brings us another fantastic rundown on key global events unfolding.

Had you considered this strategy?

What looks like an easing of restrictions is actually a coercive scheme. https://t.co/DTrhAi3u03

— The HighWire (@HighWireTalk) April 6, 2021

Another battlefield in Canada involves gender-alteration. A British Columbia father is in jail now because he is fighting to protect his daughter whom the school system took it upon themselves to coach into taking gender-bending “therapies” which are changing her. At 15, her father believes she is not mature enough to innerstand the ramifications of a decision like this.

The province is punishing him for “civil disobedience” and Laura-Lynn Thompson brings us this update from the Supreme Court in Vancouver and an interview with an activist who travels across Canada to raise awareness for this issue.

They have begun to come for our children folks. One comment goes so far as to suggest this involves “genital mutilation”. That’s one way to look at it.

The globalist eugenics plan involves the destruction of the family unit and blocking procreation. There is more than one way to render Humans sterile. You’re looking at the latest way, not nearly so subtle as Bill Gates’ vaccines.

If you prefer to learn the back story on this and how it evolved, you can read an article at the link below.

“A Certain Madness Amok”

In the United States, now in North Carolina, we have legislation in a positive direction concerning gender “therapies” and the protection of minors.

N.C. bill would ban treatment for trans people under 21

There is surprising good news out of Nevada and elsewhere. You might call them “booms”. The enemy is falling. Coke, the airlines, Nike, any cabal corporation who is against the People and Earth is on the chopping block.

JUST IN – Oil tanker, the Minerva Nike, briefly runs aground in the Suez Canal, causing further delays. The second incident today.

— Disclose.tv 🚨 (@disclosetv) April 6, 2021

That’s a lot of heavy material above. We don’t want to leave you down in the dumps. Here’s some well-placed humour, and a poll.

Cheer up, Canada. It’s going to get better.


— Patrick Allan 🇨🇦🇺🇸 (@palevell) April 6, 2021

This post is very long because so much is happening but I want to share this incredible “decode” of the familiar phrase to most of us… “The best is yet to come.” It means so much more. It’s loaded and when someone with the skill to do it runs that through the Gematria, magic happens. We can clearly see how the Earth Alliance is communicating with us after this “tutorial”.  This is a must, must watch video from Borean Calling. 20 min.

Ciao for now, patriots. I hope you stocked up on popcorn!  ~ BP

Gematria decode – The best is yet to come

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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  1. I dont think legit trans people will be happy.

    the older a trans person is getting treatment, especially male to female, the HARDER it will be for them.

    Sorry, but making life harder for legit trans folks is NOT being awakened, just makes one a jerk.
    I WISH I could have had treatments when I was younger…..I really was born in the WRONG gender body.

    *drops mic and walks off*


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