April 5, 2021: Easter Monday | Wild and Crazy Times for Star-Crossed Starseeds [videos] ~ April 5, 2021

There’s very interesting intel further down, but I want to get this out of the way on this auspicious day.

The most surprising thing in my orbit is the 10th anniversary of the birth of this blog. I have difficulty believing we’ve been around that long. It seems much less. In the beginning we were ‘2012: The Big Picture’ and there wasn’t enough news to share every day but over the years as the activity on this planet and the awareness and interest in what is unfolding has increased, it’s become a busy bridge with comms flowing constantly and sometimes enough for two editions in one day.

What were we talking about eight years ago around this time? Vaccines, the paralysis the Bill Gates vaccines caused in thousands of children in India, and the Mumbai baby who died after five vaccinations. We talked about the “forbidden dark pyramid” in Alaska, and “Breaking News from ITCCS on Arrest of RCMP Inspector Peter Montague” in Canada.

Perhaps if you’re a recently awakened soul you can better understand why many of us are frustrated by the time it’s taking to rouse Humanity, to deal with these problems and deliver punishment for the crimes. It feels like we’re in a hamster wheel and nothing is done about any of it. We trust much more has been done than was evident.

Why do we continue to do it? We can’t NOT do it. We feel we are fulfilling our soul purpose.

Regardless of the frustration, it’s been my joy and my passion to do this work and bring the Light of information and revelation to those who seek it. In return, I’ve been through my own metamorphosis. I’m not the same person I was when we embarked on this fascinating journey of transformation. I’m much stronger and wiser, and part of the army of like-minded starseeds who awoke for this reason.

As I recall, we outgrew the WordPress “free” hosting in no time, and eventually the new home was unable to provide adequate space for our massive storage requirements and we moved to new servers. I deleted a lot of older posts up to March 2013 to give us more room but I believe April 5 was our maiden voyage to the stars.

Number One backs us up every night, has kept us ahead of the trolls and hackers and we don’t often have problems. Obviously big tech tries to marginalize us and while we enjoyed rapid growth in the early years their algorithms took their toll and we had a significant slow down in new subscribers.

Occasionally some folks have problems accessing the site depending on what kind of censorship is taking place in their country but overall we hear few complaints and we’re growing quickly again now.

Today, in honour of this milestone we offer virtual tea and cake to our visitors and crew.  The replicator will ensure everyone who wants a slice will get one so don’t be shy.

We extend our sincere gratitude for being aboard on this wondrous journey “home”. We don’t know how that will look, but we believe we’re nearly there and we will do our best to keep the hailing frequencies open and the awakened ones informed of important developments. The crew assures me they’re on it… every day… and the comments below each post can attest to that.

What an interesting Easter it has been. I’ve never seen so much, “He is risen” and “The tomb is empty”. Friends sent an MMS to that effect from their spot on the lake on Sunday, and a cyclist racing up behind us on our walk called out, “Happy Easter!”. Most extraordinary.

As for “he is risen”, we’re not sure who “he” is, as many are talking about the imminent return of America’s favourite son, JFK Jr. We feel he will be one of the Trump cards.

We suggest you don’t take all these headlines below as fact. We have to read between the lines, and understand that the Earth Alliance has an operation ongoing.

Yesterday I learned India is locking down Mumbai due to insane Covid statistics. Not possible—unless they’re talking in code and these are deaths of the undesirables, shall we say? Or, they may need the people out of the way while they carry out their covert operations. Frequently this involves clearing out tunnels and DUMBs or arrests but we will have to wait for more information. Details could be sparse in the coming days when safety and success of the operation demand tight lips.

This is pure speculation but what if… large numbers of predators are expiring and they need to remove them? We know the military is out there doing what needs to be done; we just don’t know the details. They sometimes come later. In the mean time, we get cover stories.

Coronavirus live updates: India saw over 400 Covid deaths in last 5 days

Pffffttt… get serious. Vaccinating animals against Covid? This is something Catturd needs to comment on.

US zoo to vaccinate animals before most Canadian adults receive first dose

We had word yesterday we should “watch the news tomorrow”. Is this why?

Simon Parkes posted this 15 minutes ago. The writing is on the wall. What have the Patriots planned for this scenario because they most certainly saw it coming.

Not confirmed…

Non confirmed reports that Biden taken to hospital.

What about this additional update posted 30 minutes ago?

Has the Pentagon gone to Defcon 2?

Since he’s asking, in Q-style, he’s not stating… yet he is.

I’ve seen headlines for a couple of weeks at least from the Florida Bulldog saying how easy it would be to poison the drinking water. Now this has happened. (from the BBC—our trusted news source. Hardly.) Ron Desantis has been a busy boy, and an awesome governor.

Florida declares state of emergency over toxic wastewater leak

The media set out to slaughter their opponent with their typical disinformation tactics. They ask questions to get the material they need to splice and dice the commentary into something palatable for their brainwashed listeners. They do not report—they fabricate.

This is wild. Watch Ron DeSantis’s full answer on Publix, Walgreen’s and CVS vaccine distribution and look at the edited cut 60 Minutes used: pic.twitter.com/FqTRgOZS9Z

— Clay Travis (@ClayTravis) April 5, 2021

Scuttlebutt was that the Qagg.news site was down on Sunday evening. Qincidence? That’s a Q drop aggregator like Qalerts.pub. It didn’t work for me at 6 pm Pacific but was fine later.

There is talk our moon was AWOL. The full moon was just over a week ago so we should see something substantial up there but waning moons rise late. I thought I saw it one afternoon recently. We conspiracy theorists have long been discussing the moon and what it really is. I don’t think it’s what they told us. We live in a contrived world. An artificial construct.

Linda Moulton Howe | The Moon is an Intelligent Machine That Sees Everything

The chemtrailing here in Phoenix has been heavy early in the morning and while it dissipates for generally clear skies, at sundown the sun is behind cloud so there is speculation they are hiding something near the setting sun again. That’s been ongoing for some time at certain points each month or specific months.

Something else in progress for some time is interference in American politics and government by the deep state’s corporations. Since they own the media, the globalists can thrust their desired agenda through to the public 24/7/365 until they’re thoroughly brainwashed and compliant. It seems they can convince some people of anything, be it factual or even impossible.

Texas is sick of it and telling them to butt out. Who cares what the American Airlines CEO thinks? The People dictate policy—not fat cats in corporations.

Texas Sends Major Message to American Airlines

I can see airlines disappearing.

Delta Airlines CEO Blasts “Unacceptable” Georgia Voter ID Law — Forgets Delta Requires Photo ID to Fly on Their Planes

Do you detect a pattern?

Nothing in this tweet is true … Boycott United Airlines who doesn’t stand with the over 70% of the USA who support voter ID.

BTW – SO you don’t need ID to fly United Airlines any more? https://t.co/nm8z2H0W7J

— Catturd ™ (@catturd2) April 5, 2021

Canada is a sinking ship that needs a lot more people bailing. I lived there most of my life and know one person among family and friends who is awake. My brother—and he did the research years ago, unbenownst to me. We never spoke of “conspiracy theory” until just recently and found we’re on the same page.

I find it really hard to believe that after ONE YEAR of this psyop people are so gullible. When I speak of these things to people I know in Canada they ignore me and either don’t comment or only respond in a way that suggests there is more than one truth—which stems from being uninformed and usually that means they haven’t done any research; they just believe the media and the government—and not me.

I can’t take the plandemic seriously and maskless at the grocery store I teased a masked, middle-aged woman who had just sorted through the russet potatoes for a good one to bake. I was waiting to get mine and asked, “You didn’t touch all of those, did you?” She laughed and said she had just put her hand sanitizer on as she reached for her handbag to show it to me.

Here in Phoenix I don’t think it would take much to get people to forget this hoax ever happened and ditch the masks. In general they don’t seem invested in it or threatened by naked faces.

The lockdowns and vaccine protocols in Eastern Canada are shocking and independent news is struggling to correct the narrative and out of a need to survive seem to be ignoring the facts and give the virus more respect than it deserves.

They have to tread lightly. They can’t risk being attacked for throwing out conspiracy theories, and we are well aware that saying we don’t believe it’s more than a flu sounds a little dismissive. WE know you don’t have to have a real enemy to convince people someone is out to get them, as 9/11 proved.

People are so programmed to accept the media’s word on anything that if you say the truth is vastly different, you have no credibility. It’s too threatening to their paradigm.

Another lockdown? Seriously?

How is a “virus” said to be “airborne” possibly controlled by masks we breathe through, 6 feet of social distancing, and tests that give false positives in people with zero symptoms? It’s pure bunk. It’s illogical. People are walking around the planet like zombies—voluntarily in many cases.

Why is it still okay to pack a Costco, Ikea, Walmart or any other big box store with hundreds of people?

Yet I can’t visit or invite anyone outside of my household into my home?

Who the fuck created these asinine rules?

🇨🇦 David Milley 🇨🇦 #PPC2021 (@DavidMilley22) April 5, 2021

It’s a tough slog in Canuck territory, but slowly the movement is gaining a footing and more people are taking peaceful action.

Video alleged to be from Corduroy restaurant in Vancouver, BC shows patrons chanting “Get out!” to COVID enforcement officers following an anti-lockdown rally https://t.co/91gVkD1UaI pic.twitter.com/ruv0emA1DT

— Cosmin Dzsurdzsa (@cosminDZS) April 4, 2021

Why is Canada so deeply entrenched in the Covid psyop? I guess it depends who you know. Some people say “most people get it” and others say the Canadian populace is asleep and docile.

Conversely, because Trump did such a good job of educating and waking the American People, nearly everyone I talk to here in Phoenix is reasonably well informed and knows the truth. Not about absolutely everything… but enough.

If the CBC, CTV, etc. had not poisoned the minds of Canadians against Trump, they might have taken his truths more seriously but Trump Derangement Syndrome is more virulent than the Wu Flu in the Great White Gulag. Even smart people I know think it’s appropriate to choose and judge a world leader on personality. WTH? Do actions count for nothing? Where does this irrational approach end?

If they saw this video, perhaps it would cut through the dross and bring clarity. Five minutes of a new perspective might do it. We recommend sharing it with the right people.

A lot of French Canadians are stepping up to oppose the tyranny, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. Canadian governments continue to crack down, lockdown, lock up protestors, and go after travellers with absurd mandates for isolation and retesting with a bogus PCR test.

At this massive protest on March 13th, you can see part of the flag a Q army soldier carries which says, WWG1WGA. What we want to know is, how long will it take before we can all go? At protests we typically also see Trump flags, as we have in many other countries. The awakened ones know who has their back.

10 arrested, over 140 tickets given as thousands protest in Montreal against pandemic public health measures

“Of course it’s not about masks” | Mocha Bezirgan on Montreal protest arrests

Following is a comment posted below that second article. The shortcoming of protests downtown in big cities is that only the people who live downtown see them because they’re held on weekends. Most people live in the suburbs and shop at major shopping centres nearby. They don’t go downtown on weekends.

To state the obvious… people don’t go anywhere at all if they’re locked down. That’s where social media comes in. People at the rallies can show the rest what’s going on and hope they come to their senses.

Derek Yamaguchi Most people that I speak to on a daily basis are clueless about these events. They actually have no idea this is happening here in Canada and the reason why they don’t know is because the liberal media does not report on these stories. Furthermore, even when these stories are shared, most people remain clueless. This is happening on a daily basis to force people into embracing fear and submission. The best weapon to use in cases where you want tyranny to establish itself has always been fear. Notice what the “police” are doing to people who they claim are violating the mask rules. These…See More

Social media is also a problem, however, because it’s loaded with paid liars and disinfo shills. My other half is only on Facebook for his business and social interaction with like-minded people and he believed the lies stating the Arizona election wasn’t called before we were even finished voting.

A friend of his was here last weekend and when I stated the facts in our election discussion, our guest confirmed what I said and twice corrected my husband who was arguing the point. I have no credibility around here, no matter how many times I say the media is owned by the cabal and they lie all the time and it’s pure propaganda, but vindication day is coming. It’s coming.

Politics gets old after years of uncovering the conspiracies and we’re eager to examine fascinating topics that were never part of our education or conversations previously. The dialogue on this planet is going to change dramatically.

The previous video from this researcher was fascinating and I’ve only seen a portion of this newer one but I believe it will interest many of our subscribers and crew. We have been lied to about everything and have little idea as to the nature of our reality. It’s going to be a big wake-up call when disclosure happens. The beginning points out that Aether is “Earth” rearranged. She says,

Aether is water. Aether is Earth. Same word; same element. Just another state of matter. Letters are shifted.

Sound familiar? The black magicians changed our language and the meaning of words. This deals with the topic of the nature of our reality and the destruction and fabrication of a new one. The grand deception is yet to be told to the masses. 2 hr. 30 min.

AETHER by Marcia Ramalho

I’m going to leave it there as it’s getting late. Hold the line, patriots, and strap yourselves in.  ~ BP

By cindyloucbp

Cynthia is the typical Pisces! Her left brain activities include scientific activities in the hospital laboratory as a director. Her right-brain activites show as a painter, photographer and musician. She is known as the scientist who sings!

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